Travel Guide: St. Barths

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5 years ago

As Gray mentioned, we are following up his latest release of Bahamas and St. Barths beach aerial photographs with a travel guide devoted completely to the luxurious destination of St. Barths. For some of us, it's the inspiration for our next trip and for others, it's all about setting those goals to make it happen sooner or later. And, if all else fails, you can always decorate with that fantasy destination and live your dream getaway on the daily...just saying!

St. Barths, which is also known as St. Bart's isa French-speaking Caribbean island that oozes "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," vibes with its flawless beaches, luxury hotels, high-end shopping, and delectablerestaurants. With so much greatness in one place, it's hard to know where to begin, but for us creatures of habit, let's start with those beaches then make our way down the list of what to do in St. Barths.


Colombier Beach

Arguably the most popular beach on the island,ColombierBeach is located in the northwestern part of the island. Once owned by the Rockefellers, this secluded beach is a uniqueplace to visit asit is an entire bay area that is only accessible by boat or foot. It's about a20-minute hike from the port of Gustavia to get to the beach but beware, it's not an easy breezy trail so if you've got little ones with you or prefer to keep it cruisy, we suggest hopping on a boat.

Colombier Beach Aerial Photography - Gray Malin

Flamand Beach

Flamands Beach is home to a few hotels on the island, which we'll get to in a bit, as well as is an ideal option for taking in the sunset as its west-facing. The shoreline provides the perfect point of view of the sun as it dips below the hills surrounding Colombier Beach.

Saline Beach

This particular photograph is not part of Gray's latest release but it is one of his bestsellers. Considering thisstunning stretch of sand capped on both ends with large rocky hillsides is a favorite of locals and visitors alike, it is fair to see why it's loved in person as well as a magical piece of art to adorn one's walls.


Eden Rock Hotel

A St. Barths Travel Guide cannot go without a mention of Eden Rock Hotel. The first hotel on the island, Eden Rock Hotel exudes sophisticated tropical luxury for its who's who clientele.

Cheval Blanc

As previously mentioned, the place to stay to access the sands of Flamands Bay is the "tropic chic," Cheval Blanc resort. The resort’s wooden deck, pool, stylish restaurant, and views as far as the eyes can see, makes for a memorable stay on the island.

![Cheval Blanc - St. Barths Travel Guide by Gray Malin]( Shot 2019-02-27 at 4.03.30 PM.png-wPF13Uk)

Private Villas

If having an entire residence or in this case, the villa is more your style, don't fret, as there are plenty of those at your disposal via sites like Our Villas | Sibarthsand17th Heaven Properties. Personally, we'd go with this 6-bedroom manor along Lorient Beach.


Daytime Eats

For the island's best fresh fish tartare and local rum, no shoes required, settle for a while at O'Corail, an unpretentious, no-reservations-required beach hut at Grand Cul de Sac Beach. It's ideal for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or simply a snack and a sip with a view.

Strolling & Shopping

Serious shoppers on a mission and window shoppers alike tend to begin in Gustavia. Per Travel & Country's recommendation, we'd head toClic, a small boutique where one can peruseart as well as find everything they need for a great island look.

![]( Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.20.34 AM.png-ex7SmS4)

Nighttime Dining

St. Barth is truly a paradise for gourmets and foodies alike. It's over 80 restaurants ranging from gastronomic dining rooms, many housed in high-end hotels, to sidewalk cafés and feet-in-the-sand beachside grilles. With so many to choose from, we're going to opt to take a page out of Travel + Leisure's playbook and head to Bonito for a decadent dining experience with sunset sips included, of course.

Turning It Up

St. Barth is relatively quiet, which is just fine for those who like to relax and leisurely enjoy a fine dinner and a bottle of wine. But, for those seeking a little bit more action, don't worry...because many of those daytimedestinations where you enjoyed a leisurely lunch or ordered a cocktail in the sand become the nighttime haunts you're craving. For us, it's all about Bagatelle for the music, dancing, and the outstanding cocktails, whether it’s a rosé sangria made with fresh peach puree or a “Patron Mexican Kiss,” we're ready to say Oui Oui!

If day-drinking is more your thing, though then look no further than outside your Eden Rock Hotel room.Renowned for their DJ-fueled parties avec bottle service, Nikki Beach is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., it’s tucked on a sliver of St.-Jean beach, close to the Eden Rock hotel. Oh, and if you're wondering if this is the same Nikki Beach that Gray partied the day away in St. Tropez, then the answer is - Oui!

Nikki Beach - St Barts - Eden Rock Hotel

So, what do you think? Are you ready to book your trip? If so, there's only one way to get to St. Barths and that'sto fly into StMaarten (Princess Juliana International Airport) and then take a short 10-minute shuttle flight toSt Barths...that's right! It's easier than it sounds, of course, but doesn't working a little extra makes it all worth it? We would definitely say so and think you'd agree too if this travel guide sparked any kind of wanderlust. Cheers to getting those travel plans going!

xo Team GM

Header: Lorient Beach, St. Barths

Additional Photos: Cheval Blanc, O'Corail, Clic, &Bonito