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Brand New: Beach Aerials from Bahamas and St. Barth's


5 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Who’s in the mood for a trip to the Bahamas? Given the recent chilly weather, I’m sure we can all use a little escape to the sun. Don’t worry, these new releases from the Bahamas and St. Barth’s should do just the trick! Some of you may remember our last Bahamas release from Harbour Island and, if you liked those, then you’ll surely love these. Read on to see some of my favorites from this release.

Pastel Blue Beach Club, St. Maartin

Don’t those blue beach chairs and umbrellas just look so dreamy against the sand? I could just lay there all day...

Ocean Drift, St. Barths

Who wouldn't mind being this guy for a moment or two a day? Floating along in the sparkling blue waters of St. Barths sounds like a dream to me..

The Beach Club, Bahamas

It’s almost hard to distinguish the light grey umbrellas from the light sand beneath them, but there’s no denying that this print exudes the feeling of a relaxing vacation.

St. Jean Villa, St. Barth’s

The contrast of the red roof of St. Jean Villa against the lush green trees surrounding makes a bold statement. Not too mention those deep blue, crystal clear waters… don’t you just want to take a dive right off that dock?

Flamand Beach Club, St. Barth’s

Flamand Beach club is one of the most iconic beaches on the island and I think this print completely captures the beach’s beauty. Picture yourself in a lounge chair, soaking up the sun, and then cooling down as you wade into the water. Yeah I know, that sounds pretty perfect to me too.

I’m so excited to share these prints with you and hope you all love them as much as I loved capturing them. Want to plan a real trip to the Bahamas? Check out my travel guide for tips on where to eat, where to stay, and what to do while you’re there! Also, stay tuned, Team GM will be sharing our St. Barths Travel Guide a little later this week.

If you like what you’ve seen in this post, I encourage you to see all of my latest beach aerials of the Bahamas & St. Barths in the GM Shop.

Cheers Xx


Header: White Umbrellas, Eleuthera