Gray's Home: His Hawaiian Guest Bedroom Escape


6 years ago

Hi Everyone,

My home reveals continue and the latest comes just in time for summer visitors! Won’t you please join me in our newly completed Guest Bedroom? I am particularly excited about this one, as I was able to incorporate all of my beachy home decor ideas into one room! Right off the bat, you’ll notice that I chose art that makes this room feel like a vacation for our guests...

When I dove into decorating this room, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to decorate with myGray Malin Wallpaper, which was key to making this room feel like anisland oasis. Having spent time in Hawaii last year as well as earlier this year, I was very inspired to bring the tropical breeze of the Hawaiian islands into my own home.

With the Hawaiian bedroom decor direction settled, I turned my attention to the wallpaper options. Since, I already had a great foundation in place with the Serena & Lily Balboa Twin Beds, side table, Brass Ring Lamp and a classic nautical striped rug, I had the room digitally mocked up with the four wallpaper options, in order to help me visualize and make a decision. From left to right, we have The Sunbathers, Ocean Waves, Pinstripe Umbrellas, and Riviera I’m sure you can imagine, it was a tough choice!

Ultimately landing on Pinstripe, I immediately went to work selecting and hanging the artwork.

For above the twin beds, I opted for verticals over horizontal framed prints, as they really compliment the vertical visual effect of the wallpaper.

What do you think? I’m tempted to stay in it and I live here! I just love how it visually flows yet still keeps one engaged with the surprise pops of green via the artwork and plant stylings. If you’re feeling inspired to start thinking about your own next decor project, then I think my job is done!

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