Design Direction: 5 Reasons to Choose a Triptych

byTeam GM

5 years ago

Withour 30% ALL Prints sale going on, our imagination has been running wild on all of the dreamy destinations we could choose to don our walls. Fromsandy beaches to snowy slopes to the coastline of Italy, we’re always looking for ways to incorporate Gray's work into our interior decor. That said, one of our favorite ways to do just that is to go big or go home—literally.

If you’re not yet acquainted with Gray’s triptychs, then allow us to introduce you… A triptych is one continuous scene divided into three frames hung side-by-side, and we love the ability they have to truly transform a space. If you’re wondering when, why, or how to make a triptych part of your life, then keep scrolling for five reasons to choose a triptych, and shop a few of our absolute fave triptychs captured around the world (while they’re on sale!)…

1. To fill a large, open wall.

Chances are if you’re shopping for a triptych in the first place, then you probably have an oversized wall you’re looking to dress up and to make it feel less like an empty design abyss. If that’s your case, then an oversized triptych will be like a breath of fresh air on those large, open walls. One single image divided into three frames allows a sprawling, larger-than-life landscape to be displayed in your space, and the entire piece of artwork will make any design feel complete. If you have the necessary space for it, take the plunge and go for a large-sized triptych. It will make a memorable statement in your space, to say the least.

2. To make an immediate impact.

It’s no secret that a triptych has major stopping power—in the best way. For spaces that need a focal point or simply a bold statement to complement the rest of your décor, a good triptych can save the day. Hang your series of photos in areas where you need a good punch of personality, such as an entryway to make a stunning first impression, over the fireplace to center a room, or over the bed to liven up a simple bedroom. Believe it or not, triptychs even work well in the bathroom… Just make sure to err on the smaller side. Medium-sized triptychs work well in grand master baths (perhaps over the bathtub or in a large walk-in closet), and small-sized triptychs are perfect for those smaller bathroom walls that need a statement but have limited space.

3. To make space feel bigger.

While it may seem counterintuitive to hang a large art piece like a triptych in a small room, it can actually do wonders for opening up small spaces. Just as expert designer Kate Lester explained on the blog here, buying larger furniture and décor can actually make a room feel larger overall! After all, it makes sense that tiny photos hung in a small room only make the overall design feel bite-sized and underwhelming. Instead, create a strong center of gravity which other elements in the room can revolve around; medium-sized triptychs are perfect for opening up any space that’s on the smaller side, without overwhelming the rest of your design.

4. To create a natural flow.

Have you ever had a long, empty hallway without any idea how to decorate it? Enter: the triptych! Because triptychs involve three separate frames of one continuous image, hanging them equidistant in the center of a hallway creates a natural flow from one end to the other. Not only will it look stunning to anyone looking down the hallway from either end, but walking past it will be a delight to anyone who passes (and it may even stop them in their tracks). The same goes for any other elongated room—whether you need to keep the eye moving through a long, skinny bathroom, bedroom, or some other space, a triptych will work wonders at making the layout feel more natural.

5. To support a minimalistic design.

For anyone out there whose motto is “less is more”… get ready for a triptych to change your life. While we love a good gallery wall, the arrangement of too many different sized frames and photos can become overwhelming and cluttered. Instead, opt for a triptych to keep things minimalistic, while still making a bold design statement. The equally sized frames will create clean, uninterrupted lines, and the single divided image will complement any minimal modern design, without creating visual clutter.

What’s your reason for choosing a triptych?

No matter the reason, a triptych is sure to be a showstopper in your space… Especially when one of these stunning triptychs are 30% off.

To shop all on-sale triptychs, click here, and to see more triptych styled in homes, go here and here.

Xx Team GM

Photos: (Header) Vietri Sul Mare Triptych