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7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Excited to continue our 30% OFF BEACH AERIAL SALE! The season is in full effect and who better to kick it off with than Helen Owen? This pretty lady is always on the go and specifically usually bikini clad in some of the world's most epic beaches. A beauty inside and out, I was more than happy to provide some much needed artwork for her new West Hollywood home. Well, technically speaking, she's been there a yearbut the busy lady hasn't had a lot of time to decorate. After talking about what she likes and learning that she has large wall to fill as her place has quite high ceilings, I knew right away she might want to turn her attention to a diptych or triptych. Enough talking about it, though...lets go in for a tour and meet Helen!

Hi Everyone! I’m a traveling creative still seeking an appropriate job title, commonly referred to as an “influencer” but somewhere between a model, blogger, influencer and designer. Currently living in West Hollywood, Los Angeles… but rarely home :)

Stepping into her contemporary LA place, I was immediately struck by the excellent lighting and ample space to play around with her decorating style. Considering the amount time she spends traveling, though I could totally understand why she chose Coogee Beach Triptych to fill the massive wall above her oversized couch. As I entered the room, Helen and I got to chatting about her approach to interior design as well as why she chose this particular beach aerial triptych.

In regards to decor style..

I draw inspiration from clean, minimal spaces with pops of color and texture! I’d describe my style as mid century modern meets boho_._

And why this piece?

Other than obsessing over Gray’s work for years, I loved this particular piece for a few reasons. It literally brings the beach into our home, and it’s impossible to look at without being reminded of happy times. Design-wise, I loved that it had a pop of color of the ocean but had prominently neutral tones to match the rest of the space. Oh, and it’s massive and fits our ginormous wall perfectly.

It certainly does! I always love seeing my work come to life but it's rare that someone has the amount of space to fit a large triptych, which combined is sized at a total of 132" wide. The layout of her place is very open, which makes it perfect for that modern meets boho style of hers. It also makes for a lovely photo shoot, too! We were able to get all sorts of angles to show off the work and give you, the viewer, a better idea of scale when it comes to the various size options. The large triptych, of course, being the largest option for those with ample space to fill!

As we walked through the rest of the space, we got to chatting about travel..naturally, and I asked her about what some of her favorite places have been and what she considered her quintessential "happy place," to be..

To name a few: right before the sun sets in Mykonos with a glass of wine in hand, or being a homebody on my couch… also with a glass of wine in hand. (Maybe my happy place is just a glass of wine?) Haha! Also, the Maldives blew me away and is definitley one of the most surreal places I’ve had the privilege to visit.

As for where I haven't been, yet but am dying to explore isthe Amalfi coast… also hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is definitely on the list.

Oh well, I'm happy to give you plenty of recommendations for Mykonos as well as pretty much anywhere in Italy, but the Amalfi Coast and Capri are definitely a must go for you, Helen.We'll definitely be following along with you on your travels, so keep us posted!

I could certainly have a sit and get comfortable for more chat time with Helen, couldn't you? It's time to head out though and get back to celebrating the start of our MAJOR 30% off ALL Aerial Beach Prints SALE, which just so happens to have begun today. Thank you so much Helen for helping us to start it off with a (literally) hugepiece of decorinspiration! To see more of Helen, be sure to follow along hereand to keep up with all of our beach madness, you can always find me here, here, and HERE.

Happy Beach Shopping!