Home/Room Tour: Karla Souza


6 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I'm excited to be sharing the home of this lovely woman, Karla Souza. She is a beauty inside and out, and I couldn't be happier to showcase how she has decorated with my work. We'll be doing a fun question and answer, so I'll be able to share her words with you all. Let's begin!

I love that you display your GM pieces in the kitchen and dining room. Both rooms are meant to have people in them, ideally enjoying delicious food and laughs. Choosing artwork for your home (or other living spaces) is certainly a layered decision as it not only evokes an emotional response but it also needs to fit a room's particular purpose. So with that in mind, inquiring minds wouldlove to know...

What inspired you to choose these two pieces?

I spent 4 years living in the Côte d’Azur which became my family’s home for the next 12 years. The landscape of this picture transports me back to those wonderful memories of living there with my family and spending days in the sun on those pebbled beaches, relaxing and jumping off rocks and cliffs into the Mediterranean sea.

Whereas with Summertime Splash, I was attracted to the amazing color of the water in this picture and the synchronization of the swimmers. How many shots did this take?

Ha! Excellent question! I can't remember but I'd say it took one or two..haha.

What is your approach to interior design? Would you consider your decorating style to be traditional, contemporary, eclectic...something else altogether?

I’d say it’s a mixture of everything, so let’s go with eclectic. My husband and I have many different styles of things we’ve collected over the years. I also get tired of one style very quickly so I like to change things up a bit every so often.

In either of these rooms, is there a piece of furniture or accessory that has special meaning or history behind it? If so, what?

The wooden bench in our dining room is one of the first places I sat with my husband when he opened the doors of his home to me in Mexico City. It’s where he cooked for me for the first time, I would even say it’s where I fell in love with him and more or less where he proposed.

When you are decorating a room do you start with a piece of art, then design around it OR add art as the final touch?

It depends. It could go both ways. Sometimes it starts with a Persian rug and then I bring in things that make the small details in the rug pop out more. Sometimes it can be the lighting that gets me looking for things to either brighten a room or dim it down.

And last but not least..

What about the Gray Malin lifestyle brand do you connect with?

Being outdoors in nature is something that I connect with greatly. His prints bring the freshness of the outdoors into your home.

Awww thanks, Karla! I'm so happy that you're enjoying your pieces, and I absolutely love the way you have decorated with them. Thanks again for sharing with us and thank you always for following along! If you're inspired to fill your walls like Karla, be sure check out theLa Dolce Vitaand Aqua Glam series.




pictures of Karla by @omgteddy