Home/Room Tour: Closet Envy with New Prada Marfa Sunrise


7 years ago

Hi Everyone, The first time I took you into Sophie of Angel Food Style's jaw dropping closet, I was having the best time seeing how Two Cowboys from my Prada Marfa series came to life is this unexpected yet perfectly suited room. Gray Malin - Sophie Elkus of Angel Food Style

Recently, I was reviewing the archives from Prada Marfa and an image caught my eye immediately.Sunrise is the latest addition to this iconic series and I am so happy to have such a stunning new point of view to share with all of its fans. It's the perfect compliment to the hugely popular, Dawn, and sure to be a new favorite for all.

NEW Prada Marfa from Gray Malin - Sunrise

Naturally, Sophie was one of the first peopleI showedas the timing couldn't have been more perfect to have a fashionable update to her closet, especially considering New York Fashion Week is in full swing. New Prada Marfa 'Sunrise' in the closet of Sophie Elkus

We met up with her last weekas she was getting ready for an event later that day. It was so fun helping her pick out the accessories for the day, Prada purse in toe, of course. New Prada Marfa - Sophie Elkus prepping for an event New Prada Marfa - Sophie Elkus luxe closet

Where would you want to decorate with with Sunrise? I feel like it could help elevate any room with its calming tones of pink, peach, and sky blue. In Sophie's case, I especially like how the black frame looks with this print. It pairs beautifully with all of her high fashion goodies and stands out against the white shelves and wall.

New Prada Marfa 'Sunrise' in the closet of Sophie Elkus

And, there you have it. Enjoy the Sunrise from any room in your home at any point in the day! Thanks to Sophie for letting me back into your glam closet, it's always fun being surrounded by so many pretty pieces of fashion. To see Sunrise and more from the Prada Marfa collection, click here and then for some more inspiration on decorating with this acclaimed series, check out here and here.

xx GM