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7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

For today's Room Decor feature, I'm excited to introduce you to Judah. Considering it's winter time, I thought it was the perfect time to showcase this cool little guy's winter themed nursery. It strikes a great balance of calm and adventure for all of his sleeping and playing needs.Not to mention, he's clearly going to be a world champion skier and snow lover based on his super chill room. Gray Malin's Winter Themed Nursery with Noni Noni Kids Crib

To back up a little bit, I was first introduced to Judah's Mom, Carina, last year via a friend. We ran into each other again a couple months ago, and I learned that shehad decorated Judah's room in this fun yetsomewhat unexpected winter theme. Naturally, I asked for her to snap a few pictures to share and couldn't have been happier with her selections!

Gray Malin's Winter Themed Nursery with Noni Noni Kids Crib SwissAlpsDiptychShop

Carina of Noninoni Cribs - Gray Malin decor feature

The Inspiration

When I asked why she chose to go with these two pieces in particular, Carina had this to say..

"Both my husband and I love the mountains, but I also love the clean and calm feeling that your aerial shots of snowy mountain tops evoke.Personally as well as in my profession as anarchitect, I tend tomigrate towards white, natural woods, and designs that have an organic or environmental feel to them... Whistler is one of my husband's favorite places to ski, and then we both just loved the diptych of the Swiss Alps. I couldn't be happier with how theroom came together!We started with the crisp white crib,added the Gray Malin winter framed prints, and then finished it off with shades of navy and a pop of red or two thrown in for fun."

Gray Malin's Winter Themed Nursery with Noni Noni Kids Crib LittleWhistlerPeakShop

Speaking of the crib, I can't write this post without mentioning that Carina (and her father) also are the creators of brand new and very cool baby crib brand, noninoni kids. Just like Olivia of Hats by Olivia, I love a good entrepreneur story!

"Thanks Gray! Yes, Irecently launched a new venture called noninoni kids, and ourmission is to provide safe, sustainable cribs and furniture products that are easy to assemble, beautiful and well crafted. The Noni crib comes in two sizes, regular and mini. It wasdesigned with aesthetics in mind, yet ease of assembly. It can be put together as well as broken down within5 minutes. I'm very proud to offer it to new parents andold (aka grandparents); it's a very exciting time!"

Gray Malin's Winter Themed Nursery with Noni Noni Kids Crib

Wow! Well, thank you Carina for letting us tour little Judah's winter wonderland room as well as sharing your story. I absolutely love his winter themed nursery decor, and I hope for all you new parents out there that this helped inspire a new direction for those pinning boards! If you'd like to make your little girl or boy's room a snowy dreamland, be sure to check out more options, here.