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Out of Frame: My Favorite iPhone Photo Editing Apps


7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I recently shared a few iPhone photo editing tips here on the blog, and I thought it would be the perfect continuation to add to that and share a little bit more of the behind-the-scenes action that goes on when I edit my iPhone photos. Whether your goal is to simply lighten and brighten a photo for that perfectly crisp look, add a pop of color, or edit out imperfections, I have a few suggestions for the perfect iPhone app to get the job done.

Let’s just say as a photographer I deal with a lot of photo editing, and have to pay attention to the details! These apps I’m sharing below are perfect for creating a professional looking photo, even when the picture was simply snapped with an iPhone. Keep reading to see which apps I have been using on a regular basis, and learn exactly what I love about each of them… I hope these suggestions make your photo-editing life a bit easier, and help you achieve just the aesthetic you’re hoping for in your photography, on social media, and beyond. Enjoy!


Gray Malin's Favorite iPhone Editing Apps - VSCO |

VSCO is hands down the easiest way to edit pictures without overthinking the process. They supply you with numerous pre-created filters that you can test on the image simply by clicking on them. Depending on the shot... whether it be a close up of a food, a bright landscape, a portrait or a nighttime image, certain filters will look more appealing than others, and from there you can apply the one you like the most and download the finished product to your phone. Simple as that! VSCO also allows you to tweak filters and even create your very own filter if you want to give all of your photographs a consistent look without overthinking each edit.


Gray Malin's Favorite iPhone Editing Apps - Facetune |

FaceTune is excellent for fixing unwanted blemishes (which is it’s most largely advertised feature) but in my opinion, it's really best for removing any unwanted objects in a photograph. For example, if you take a great shot looking up at a palm tree but there is a telephone wire in the shot, you can remove the wire with the spot removal feature, similar to how people remove items in Photoshop. I find myself using this more and more often, especially when I don't have time to properly edit the image in Photoshop—this is a nice and simple tool to use to meet in the middle.


Gray Malin's Favorite iPhone Editing Apps - Afterlight |

Afterlight is similar to VSCO in that it allows you to add dozens of different pre-set filters to your photos. What makes Afterlight unique is that it gives you the option to add creative elements and effects to your photos in addition to the filters, like light leaks, selective focus, text titles, and textures. Basically, this app offers an endless selection of adjustments and tweaks to be added to your photos so you can really get creative.

A Color Story

Gray Malin's Favorite iPhone Editing Apps - A Color Story |

I’ve heard so much about this app, and it’s next on my list to try! You all know I love a good dose of color in my photography, and this app would be perfect for highlighting just that in my iPhone photos. A Color Story got it’s name for a reason—because its filters are designed to make any color really pop in your photos. From bold to barely-there filters, this app has a little bit of everything for every kind of photo, and has a variety of high quality filter packs to add to your collection, most of them for less than a dollar a piece.


Gray Malin's Favorite iPhone Editing Apps - Filmborn |

Filmborn is another app that I haven’t personally added to my repertoire yet, but I’m eager to try it out for myself. The app capitalizes on the idea of merging digital photos with the look of film, creating a modern take on classic film photography. While the app supplies significantly less filter options than the ones I listed above, the filters it does have create a totally unique look that mimics the look of film. Plus, the app educates users on the use of real film by providing thorough descriptions of each preset, simply by holding your finger on your selected filter.

Have you tried any of these photo editing apps before? Which one is your favorite?

I hope these suggestions are helpful, and if you have any to add to this list, reach out to me on social media so I can give them a try.