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You're Invited: Join Gray & Reese Witherspoon in Celebrating the Opening of Draper James


8 years ago

Hi Everyone! Exciting event recap for you all today! Perhaps, you already saw my little Bend & Snap action, though? Well for those who missed or if you're wondering what that was all about, don't worry because, I'm about to tell you! A few months ago, I received amessage fromnoneother than America's Sweetheart herself, Reese Witherspoon. Once I calmed down, I learned shewas opening a flagship storeof her lifestyle brand, Draper James, in my hometown of Dallas. I knewthat she had been collecting my workfor a few years but Idid not know shewas a fan ofmy balloon series, Up & Away.For this series, I'm constantly thinking about new words and shapes I want to shoot as well as where I should shoot it. Specifically, I'd been wanting to shootsomething that paid homage to Dallas and my southern roots. After a few fun exchanges, we both agreed that HOWDY would be a fun addition to the series and the perfect Gray Malin print to hangin her store! Which leads me to this past Tuesday, I flew out to Dallas to celebrate with Reese and so many amazing Dallas guests for the opening of Draper James on Wednesday. Be sure to read all the way to the end too because I have a CONTEST to announce. ;)


Gray Malin and Reese Witherspoon with HOWDY at the opening of Draper James in Dallas

First let me back up REALLY quick to the night before, Reese kindly invited me to a dinner party, so naturally I had to show up with something special for our first official in-person meeting. Processed with VSCO with c7 preset Gray Malin and Reese Witherspoon

Yes. I surprised her with balloons and then we had some fun snapping pics! First meeting was officially a success, now back to Wednesday night's event!


Reese Witherspoon, Jim Toth and Gray Malin Jim Toth and Gray Malin Jim Toth and Gray Malin

Obviously, I had an amazing time with Reese, but it was also fantastic to meet her husband, Jim. Such a great guy! Then, it was also very cool seeing people like oh...MY PARENTS... Gray Malin at Draper James opening with his Parents

and my beloved high school photographyteacher, Janis Hefley..

Gray Malin at Draper James opening

as well as snapped with Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe, who you've seen a couple times now on the blog.

Gray Malin at Draper James opening with Amy Havins

It was also very cool getting to meet the designer of the store,Mark Sikes, and see my friend, Amy Berry, who you saw her new nursery recently, here. Gray Malin at Draper James opening with Mark Sikes Draper James opening

If you're in the Dallas area, I encourage you to go to Draper James! The store is stunning and you can see a large framed print of HOWDY, as well as purchase it or my book BEACHES, too! Gray Malin signing BEACHES at Draper James

Thanks for coming behind the scenes with me!

Cheers! xx GM