Gray's Home: Week Two, One Room Challenge - The Plan


6 years ago

Hi Everyone,

First off, to those of you who took advantage of this past week’s free framing promotion, I’d like to say thank you! Secondly, please post photos of your new GM framed artwork and tag@graymalin! I love seeing my work come to life in our clients homes.

Now, let’s move on to the topic at hand: the plan for my One Room Challenge project, the roof deck. As you saw in last week’s post, we have ample space to work with. I knew right away I wanted to continue the color scheme I began with in other parts of the house; shades of blue, complimented by neutrals. Aside from a general idea of the color scheme, I had a lot to figure out, so I broke out the measuring tape, and got down to business.


The overall space I have to work with for the furniture, rug and other miscellaneous accessories is 19 feet 8 inches from the fireplace to the back wall and 15 feet 7 inches from the bar to the raised bench area.

Please note, I’m going to refer to the “raised bench area” part of the deck quite a bit. To elaborate on what I mean, please reference the collage below. The raised bench area is a foot and a half high, and runs the entire length of the back facing wall, which is 28 feet wide 57 inches deep, and 27 inches high. The reason for spelling this out so in depth is because deciding what to do with this area becamethe biggest challenge of the entire project.

The challenge of it, however, made the project all the more exciting to tackle. I opted to get rid of the cushion, which was an unexpected decision, yet one that opened up a plethora ofideas. Needless to say, it has been a lot of fun, so far...and it's only getting started!



After determining the logistical details, I started visualizing what I would fill the space with. To begin, I turned to inspiration from the city I call home, Los Angeles, and quickly landed on a couple of my favorite beach aerials - Santa Monica, Vertical and Navy Umbrellas, Santa Monica.

These two images are the basis of my color story for the spaceand through the final reveal there will be aconnecting line between all of the complimenting elementswithin the space.


For the ever importantfurniture selection, I honed in on collections that emphasized ample seating and fun design.

One brand that caught my attention, Stori Modern, seemed to really have what I was looking for, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to what became my final selections.

Accessories: Rugs, Decorative Pillows, Greenery, and more...

Up next, the rug selection, the one that would_really_ pull the space together. After perusing multiple sites, I came acrossFrontgateand found endless options!

Based on my furniture selection, I made the decision to do something I’d never done - design my own throw pillows. There is a sneak peek on some of the fabrics and trims I landed on from Fabricutbelow as well as in the header photo.

With the removal of the cushion along the raised bench area, it was time to get creative. Once again, I took to Pinterestand came up with quite a few ideas. Not only did I want to utilize this large space, it also occurred to me that I needed to create a bit more of a sense of privacy for myself and our guests.

I found these and more from Frontgate...making it very hard to make decisions! There are so many directions one can go in when it comes to accessorizing. Naturally, this is what makes them so important as they are the icing on the cake...the finishing touch to the overall look.

Are you getting excited to see more? I know I'm excited to show you more!! Be sure to keep following along here, as I'll be posting every Wednesday for the next month...with the final reveal on May 9th. Woo! I can't wait...but I'm also really looking forward to taking you all along with me on this challenge step by step!



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