Gray's Home: Week Four, One Week Challenge - Turning Negatives into Positives


6 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Happy Hump Day! I can't believe we're already half way through the 6-week process of the One Week Challenge. If you've been following along, then you know that the room I selected for the challenge isn't techically a room, rather a lovely outdoor space. In fact, the roof deckwas one of the big selling points for our house, as it's a bit of anunexpected amenity for a house in Los Angeles. As first shared in my kick off post for the One Room Challenge, I shared that my plan was to create an "east meets west" outdoor space. There are mood boards and all, if you'd like to revisit! What I didn't share at the time, though was that this was not my original vision.


The original idea was to remove the sponge cushion of the raised bench area that surrounds two quarters of the space. I was going to replace the cushion with a brand new custom outdoor cushion, most likely in navy and we all know, I love a nautical theme! With the basein place, I was then going to get TONS of throw pillows as well as a couple custom bolster pillows made to complete the space. The concept being that this would be the sun lounging space on the roof deck. However, which I explained in last week's post, the furniture that I ordered from Stori Modern arrived in such a timely fashion, it allowed me to reenvision the space.


The need to customize cushions for the upper bench area was no longer necessary, as our new furniture was perfect for all lounging needs. The only thing was, I really liked the idea of designing something special for that space. To redirect that creative desire, I decided to design custom pillows for the sofa and sectionals. Enter Fabricut andStroheim, who I became familiar with via One Room Challenge, as they are graciously working with myself and other One Room Challenge participants to fulfill their fabric wishes. As luck would have it, their showroom is very close to my office, so I stopped in for my first look at fabric options.

Let me tell you, it is overwhelming going into a fabric showroom, but it's alsoa lot of fun! Fun, of course, is subjective but for anyone who loves interior is fun! It was here that my color story really started to come together. I made my selections and then got down to sketching out the varying sizesas well as the different type of design components such as fringe and flange that I wanted to apply. In case either of those words are brand new to you as flange (in particular) was to me, please allow me to provide a definition..

A flange is a piece of fabric that extends well beyond the seam, giving the pillow a soft, fluttery effect.Whereas, fringe is anornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to the pillow.

![]( Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.51.23 AM.png-n0OyW6s)

Aren't they pretty? I couldn't resist but to give you all at least a glimpse at the results. After consulting with the Fabricut specialist as well as our upholster, I landed on six unique styles, which I customized in a variety of sizes.


Without the need to create additional seating, I was faced with figuring out what exactly to do with all of this upper seating area space because obviously, this was not acceptable.

![]( (1).JPG-MPVJZS0)

It was then it doned on me to bring in a more east coast, yet urban, vibe to the roof deck. I would create a bit of my very own Au Parc moment along the periphery of the roof deck. Rather than real plants, I decided to go with what I like to call - flawlessy faux plants. The reason behind this choice was multi-dimensional: water conservation, longevity and the very real fact that I simply travel too often to ensure the proper amount of watering will happen for living plants. It'snot as easy to find beautiful faux plants as one would think, though...that is until, I found Frontgate.They were a dream for the new direction of creating an organic moment with the raised area. Endless options!

You will, of course, see much more in the final reveal but in the meantime, let me tell you what you're currently looking at: Rhodes Outdoor Lanterns, Boxwood Ball Planters, and then a couple pictures up theSunbrella® Diamond Outdoor Throw.


Also mentioned in last week's post, I realized that I needed to do something along this wall. Although, we don't look directly into our neighbor's home, keeping this space open left me feeling a bit exposed. Considering, I had just laid out all of my selections from Frontgate along the upper bench area, it was a natural progression to extend the organic moment along this wall. If you follow my Instagram, then you already saw this sneak peek. Below is one more, but you'll have to wait for the big reveal to see a wide angle shot of how great this "organic" fence turned out!

Until next week...




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