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7 years ago

Hi Everyone

Happy Hump Day! I know the holiday shopping season is in full effect, especially considering you can't look on any screen without being reminded of it! To break it up, I thought it'd be nice to distract with an inspired room redesign story. How about we tune out for a minute and tell everyone I AM least for a minute or two?With that in mind, please allow me to introduce you to Tanya Foster, who has always been such a big supporter, coming to both, Beaches & Escape, signings of mine in Dallas. When I learned that she was working with my friend andinterior designer, Amy Berry, I was happy to help when it came to artwork needs as I always love to see what Amy and her client’s come up with. Excited to report, they both out did themselves, and I'm happy to share it all with you today and perhaps ignite a bit of inspiration for your own redesign plans.

Tanya, will you please introduce yourself to everyone following along?

Of course…hi, everyone! As Gray mentioned, I live in Dallas, Texas. I’m a lifestyle blogger covering fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. My husband and I are empty nesters and are really enjoying the freedom that comes with it. Of course, we do still have a lot of responsibility with our dogs Sparky and Max. They are Norfolk Terriers. We have Fuzzy, our cat as well. We love to travel and discover new places that I can share with my followers.

And, tell me a litte bit about your office makeover?

We’ve been in our home over 25 years and I just keep redoing rooms as I feel the need to update. I would say that we’re pretty traditional with our decor. The room redesign that we worked with Amy on was previously our kids playroom. They’ve been gone to college for a few years, now so it was time for me to have my own office space. Amy was so helpful in designing my blogger headquarters and I can honestly say that it's my favorite room in the house! Full office reveal can be found here.

Wow! Well, I am loving everythingand good for you on claiming a room for your own! We all need one, don't you think?

Tell us a little more about your selections and changes..

Yes, one important note about thefabric,Crypton Fabric, thatI used to recover my sofaoffers built-in stain repellent and soil release make cleaning easy so I was not worried at all about choosing this light fabric. It also has built-in odor resistance, enhanced abrasion resistance and its processed in the USA. Even though I don’t have little kids at home any more, I have dogs. Sparky and Max were used to laying on this sofa in my old office, so I wanted to recover in a “pet friendly” fabric. It’s beautiful for guests to sit on whether they have two or four legs.

Makes sense to me! I recently moved into a new home, so always nice to learn such excellent tips.

The only thing that remained in the room is the large Avanti wall unit that we've had forever. Initially I wanted to get rid of it, but Amy found a way to make it work. She is excellent at space planning, which was great because that allowed for plenty of time to deliberate on art selection!

Which leads me to my next question...

What inspired to you choose your particular Gray Malin prints?

I’ve met Gray several times as he is a Dallas native (and we’re super proud of that!) and I just knew that I wanted to incorporate some of his beautiful work in to our home. The office was the perfect space where his creative photography would brighten the walls and add a little punch to the space. We chose I Am Busy Balloons in the largest size to sit right behind my desk. It’s just an obvious statement of who I am. And then we chose Graceful Glam I to sit on top of the orange Y-Not Pushpop wallpaper in the wet bar. It’s such a great way to distract you from the geometric pattern of the paper and add some conversation to that area of the room. Also, I have a dance/ drill team background (as does Amy Berry) and this print really speaks to me.

I love the Aqua Glam series as bar decor! This print against this wallpaper is so poppy and fun. I absolutely love it!

Well, thank you so much Tanya for taking us on such a lovely tour on your new office, and as always, thank you all for following along. I hope this was a nice break for the day and that you're now inspired to redesign something of your own! Now is the time to do it, of course, as we're offering FREE FRAMING site.




Photos by Mary Summers