Design Direction: Start with Art - Refresh Your Living Room with Jaime Moore

byTeam GM

3 years ago

Happy Wednesday, everyone! If you remember, last week we revealed a brand new series on the blog called, Start with Art. Inspired by our partnership with Pinterest, this series is based on the idea of designing a space around a piece of art. This week we’re introducing you to Jaime Moore of James Studio Interiors who pulled inspiration from The Sailboat, Newport Harbor to give her living room a refresh. Keep reading to see the full design, learn Jaime’s tricks, and get inspired to create a room starting with art…

Hi there, my name is Jaime Moore and I live in Hingham, MA (about 40 minutes south of Boston) with my husband Brennan, our black lab named Ryder and our soon to be little girl Cameran. I have always loved interior design, but when I was younger I had no idea of how to tap into the industry. After college, I started a career in retail working for Ralph Lauren, then eventually Kate Spade and Barbour. After my husband and I moving out of Boston, I took a hard look in the mirror and decided to take the leap into the Interior Design world. I have now been doing this for 6 years and began my own design firm last spring called James Studio Interiors. I think my specialty is creating the unexpected. I love to mix feminine and masculine elements into my design and think outside the box of a space. I love to throw curveballs to clients like “Let’s wallpaper your ceiling, or adding a texture or pattern mix they weren’t expecting. I want to create spaces that are full of layers, so they don’t fall flat.

How would you define your interior design style?

I would say my design style revolves around a love for a coastal and classic aesthetic (which is absolutely influenced by growing up on Cape Cod and now living in a coastal town) I also incorporate all types of design elements into my work. I believe interior design is personal to the client and I strive to keep projects unique and tailored to their goals for the space.

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What drew you to The Sailboat, Newport Harbor from Gray's À la Plage series?

I love the strength of the image. You can feel the power coming from the boat and from the ocean. Each time I look at it I can just feel the crisp temperature of the water. The colors are simple, but so clean and work well with the other pops of navy and black in the space. It pulls everything together and becomes the focal point of the space.

What did you pick out as the most important elements of the print to incorporate into the space?

In this space the color palette is a mix of navy, black, green and grey. I wanted a piece that would pull all of these together and feel cohesive. I love how The Sailboat has some dramatic black shadows to it, so it really helps bring the mix of black and navy home.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone who wants to design a space and start with art?

Start with a piece that means something to you or the client. When sourcing I usually ask a client to tell me special places to them and their family. Artwork is so personal, and that is why I am always drawn to Gray’s work. I can find places and pieces that speak to my client and then bring the room together from there. If it’s something you are looking at every day and makes you smile, you know you were successful in picking out the right artwork.

This space came together so beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing your space with us Jaime! If you’re feeling inspired, you can stay up to date with Jaime's design project on her instagram. to start with art in your home, now’s the perfect chance! We’re offering 20% off all art with code HOME20 on


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