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Read All About It: Our Company Retreat at Folded Hills

byTeam GM

4 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Last month Team GM got a head start on the holidays with a team retreat at the beautiful Folded Hills Winery in Santa Ynez, CA. It was the most beautiful day and the team at Folded Hills did an amazing job organizing fun activities for us. Today, I want to tell you guys all about our experience and talk about the amazing wines at Folded Hills.

Remember when I shared this post about my favorite rosés for all year round? Well, number one on that list was Folded Hills’s Lilly Rosé. It’s simply the best. Unfortunately, by the time we were at the vineyard the Lilly Rosé was already sold out, but we got to try the Sparkling Lilly Rosé, which was delightful.

We started off the day with a round of archery and a tour of the entire property, which was magical. We got to meet exotic animals and ride around on a golf cart to take it all in. Since we spend so much time in our office from day to day, it was refreshing to spend some time outdoors as a group. The team at Folded Hills was kind enough to set up a beautiful spread of charcuterie complemented by a round of wine tasting while we got to enjoy the different activities. Our favorite wine was the August White!

The highlight of the entire day had to be our lunch at the beautiful tasting room on the property. Folded Hills made us the most delicious lunch spread of chicken, salmon, and an amazing farro salad, which was, of course, all paired with their amazing wine. Since we had just gone through the tasting, they let us pick our favorite to enjoy with lunch. The decor of the Tasting Room delivered rustic charm that helped us embrace our day in wine country. It was so peaceful and we were really able to unwind for the day and just enjoy it all.

The best thing about the tasting room is there are so many different areas to enjoy. You can sit inside or at some of the tables outside for a dose of fresh air. The staff at Folded Hills was so attentive and accommodating, we really couldn’t have asked for anything better.

This day was unforgettable and I think we can all agree we have a new brand of wine to add to our favorites list! Thank you so much to the team at Folded Hills for hosting us. It was a day we’ll never forget! If you’re in California and planning a trip to wine country anytime soon, definitely add Folded Hills to your list. You won’t be disappointed.