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Out of Frame: My 5 Favorite Photo Filters


7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

As I’ve mentioned here on the blog before, social media is a big part of running a business these days, and branding yourself across all social media platforms is a must. Whether you’re using social media as a business tool, or simply as a creative outlet for your personal life, developing a consistent aesthetic for your photos can make a big difference in achieving that “Insta-worthy” look. Luckily, with a few tips & tricks, it can be easier than you’d think to get the look you want.

I’ve shared quite a few tips recently about getting the most out of your iPhone in this regard, from my favorite editing apps, to specific photo editing tips and more, and today I’m adding onto that series with 5 of my favorite photo filters. While every photo should be treated individually and uniquely when editing, it is important to use consistent techniques and a handful of similar filters to ultimately achieve a consistent feel throughout your feed. These are the filters I find myself using on a regular basis for quick and easy photo editing, as they result in a gorgeous look with just a few simple tweaks that take literally a matter of seconds. Keep scrolling to see my go-to filters, and what I use each one for when I’m editing on my iPhone…

First Things First…

Before I jump into my favorite filters, let me share one all-around tip—no matter what filter I’m using, I always, always brighten the image first! I personally prefer the light and bright vibe when editing my iPhone photos, and this doing this small tweak first also helps me see more clearly what end result I will get, depending on the filter I choose. What can I say, other than: the brighter the better.

My Favorite Filters

Gray Malin's 5 Favorite Photo Filters in VSCO

1. A6 in VSCO

This is a filter that I find myself using constantly when editing images for Instagram, as it provides a great focus on color, without letting anyone color overpower another. It’s a simple, everyday filter perfect for almost any image.

Gray Malin's 5 Favorite Photo Filters in VSCO

2. KE1 in VSCO

This filter is a great one for food shots. In most cases, it results in a pretty perfect balance of contrast that’s not too overpowering and not too subtle, which means food “pops off the plate,” so to speak. My mouth is already watering!

Gray Malin's 5 Favorite Photo Filters in VSCO

3. FP8 in VSCO

Another great one for food photography is FP8. I love that this one adds the perfect emphasis on highlights and shadows, making foods appear richer and more appetizing.

Gray Malin's 5 Favorite Photo Filters in VSCO

4. C8 in VSCO

This option is my go-to for images with warm color schemes. It creates such a nice and subtle balance of warm tones, and makes just the right colors pop. Overall, it creates a pretty dreamy look when you want to achieve that warm and welcoming vibe.

Gray Malin's 5 Favorite Photo Filters in VSCO

5. Q1 in VSCO

Last, but not least, Q1 is a great option for those photos with light and bright backdrops and subtle pops of color. This filter is perfect for achieving that clean, fresh look for images featuring sunny or bright colors, or fresh fruit like the image above.

Have you used any of these filters to edit your photos? Which iPhone photo filters are your favorites?

Make sure to reach out to me on social media @GrayMalin and let me know so I can give them a try!




Photos: Gray Malin in VSCO app