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5 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're all taking advantage of our Free Framing & Shipping that's going on, right now! To help inspire those of you who are still debating on what (free) framed prints to decorate your own home with, I'm here today to show off the decorating style of The Balanced Blonde herself, Jordan Younger. This home tour is extra special, though because not only did I get to visit Jordan in her space but she also dropped into the Gray Malin Studio to interview me for her podcast, The Balanced Blonde Soul on Fire Podcast....which we also captured to share!

In Jordan's words, the podcast is "a wellness podcast, a community of badass humans, spirituality, and realness," and I'm proud to have been included in it! The interview is livetodayfor your listening pleasure. As for your visual enjoyment, let's turn the questions to Jordan and see what she surrounds herself with at home.

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Jordan, will you please tell us a little about yourself? We're all ears.

Hi guys! I’m Jordan and I run the blog The Balanced Blonde. I live in Brentwood, Los Angeles with my fiance Jonathan and our cat Hudson (aka our son). You can pretty much always find me at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market, at Corepower doing yoga, going on walks around the neighborhood, or in the kitchen whipping up plant-based food and cold-pressed juices. I am a sucker for a good green smoothie and my idea of a wild night is going out to dinner with friends and then coming home to cuddle up and watch a movie with Jonathan. You could say I embrace being a homebody and a wellness junkie.

I also love to write, meditate, bliss out to some zen music, and I am always reading at least 3 books at once. Come say hi on The Balanced Blonde any time -- I love chatting with you guys!

Could you give us an overview of what The Balanced Blonde is all about? And, does one element keep you busier than another? If so, which?

Yes! I started my blog in 2013 as a vegan food blog, and it quickly evolved into a space where I was inspired to share so much more than just food. About two and a half years ago I saw the blogging space moving toward newer media like podcasting and sharing via voice vs. just via writing, so I started a podcast called Soul on Fire // The Balanced Blonde Podcast. That was by far the best career decision I have ever made!

Since then my brand overarches as a blog, a podcast, a book, events, and retreats, and clothing (which is no longer, but it was fun at the time!), and most of all a community of incredible readers and listeners.Now, the podcast definitely keeps me the most busy! I interview guests all throughout the week and do solo episodes as well. I have had the chance to meet so many incredible entrepreneurs who inspire me, most recently including… the fab Gray Malin himself!

That is a very cool evolution! Turning gears, let's hear more about how you decorate your home.How do you approach interior decor? Are there particular styles you gravitate towards or a color story, perhaps?

I truly believe that our home is our sanctuary. I am all about the minimal, cozy and zen vibes with little pops of color. Life as an entrepreneur is hectic and my days are usually quite unpredictable, so coming home is always my happy and zen place. From our infrared sauna to our meditation room, to cuddles on the couch with my kitty to our walls lined with beachy prints… our vibe here definitely achieves what I have always wanted in a home and that makes me so happy. Also, when I walk in I want people to feel like they are embraced with love and warmth! So we always have fresh fruits and veggies, mint tea, candles going, ambient music… the works!

What inspired you to choose these framed Gray Malin prints?

The beach is my happy place, but there was something about theLadder with Apple print that felt so calming every time I looked at it. My fiance and I both also like things that you don’t see “everywhere,” and we actually got the #1 edition of this print… meaning the first one of its size to be in someone’s home! So we felt pretty special about that, and I just love the optical illusion and the fact that it makes you think.

Whereas,for bothHanalei Bay Surfers, Kauai andSalt Pond Beach, Kauai, we kept to my beachy roots. Kauai is my second home, so there will forever be nothing like it. We actually traveled there the day after we got engaged and spent 10 days in those beautiful waters. We have dear friends in Hanalei and it very much feels like home away from home!! I love being able to lounge on the couch and immediately be transported there!

Aside from your GM artwork, what’s your favorite part of your home & why?

The infrared sauna all the way! Struggling with chronic Lyme disease means that I have compromised detoxification pathways, so if I am not doing things like saunas, juicing, vitamin IVs, coffee enemas, yoga, etc. then my body really starts to feel quite terrible. At first, my fiance resisted putting a sauna right in our living room, but I think he was shocked that it ended up blending so well with all of the other pretty woods in our home! Now it’s a staple and I like how unique it is. I love having my friends over for a sweat sesh and meditating in there every morning. It is my happy place in my happy place!

how to decorate with at home infrared sauna

Love it! Okay, last question. What about the Gray Malin lifestyle brand do you connect with?

I love that Gray’s art makes people feel like they are on a fantastic, beautiful, zen getaway no matter where they are. His art always makes me smile, and all of the beach prints remind me of my favorite places in the world… from Maui, to Kauai, to Bora Bora and beyond. It is also so unique and I love that he plays by his own rules and doesn’t aspire to “be like” anyone else. He is in a league of his own and he owns that. He has totally redefined the fine art space and is such an entrepreneur on top of being an artist. I love that the brand not only encompasses prints but also clothing, swimsuits, iPhone cases, home decor… I mean, the list goes on. It is inspiring and I am a total fan.

Thanks, Jordan! I'll definitely cheersa juice to that and to you! I hope you all have enjoyed learning about Jordan's entrepreneur journey as well as get a look inside her sanctuary aka home. Feeling inspired? Now is the time to act, Free Framing & Shipping will only last for so long...

Cheers xx