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8 years ago

Hi Everyone,

In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a special Inspiration Spotlight on three ladies, who I am very thankful to know. I met the Rachel, Allison and Ilana, otherwise known as the ladies of Polka Dot Media,a little over a year ago, when they attended my party celebrating the launch of Aqua Glam.

After establishing our mutual love for all things fun and sprinkl-ee,we teamed up on making these delicious sweets for After that, it's been full speed ahead on memorabletimes shared like at the Parker and Veuve Clicquet's Polo Match to namea couple fun ones.

Aside from becoming friends, they've also been incredible supporters of my work, so it only made sense to feature them as today's Spotlight to show thanks for these ladies in my life. Oh, and of course, it's my chance to show off their interior decorating skills as well asintroduce you all to them, too.


Up first, Ilanawith special appearance, her adorable daughter.

Gray Malin - Ilana Saul - Polka Dot Media

"Hi there. I live in the Silver Lake neighborhood of L.A. with my husband, toddler, and our two cats. I'm a co-founder of Polka Dot Media, which honestly doesn't even feel like a job a lot of the time—that's how much I love it! I get to work with other inspiring women who are also my best friends, and we get to do things like blog, pin and Instagram for a living. I haven't had one case of the "Sunday evening blues" since we started this little business of ours."

Gray Malin - Aerial Beach Photography

On decorating and why she chose Maroubra Bay Swimmersin Medium with a White Frame.

"I would describe my decorating style as 'vintage California cool.' I was born and raised in L.A., so I think that California weather, design, and architecture definitely inform my sense of style.Since I live with my husband, everything has to be a mix of feminine and masculine. Generally, I love a lot of color, to the point where I sometimes have to tell myself to tone it down!"

Gray Malin - Aerial Beach Photography

"This print was on my decor wish list for a long time. To me, Gray's aerial beach shots are the kind of classic, timeless photographs that work in almost any home. I love how at first glance you might just notice the color and texture that goes into the shot—like you would with an abstract painting. But then when you look closer, you see that it's actually made up of ocean waves, sand, and lots of tiny people, which is pretty amazing!"

Love these photos! Thanks so much for sharing, Ilana.


Up next, Allison, who lives on the other side of town from Illana in Santa Monica.

Gray Malin - Aerial Beach Photography

Allison shares a cute bungalow with her best friend with lots of natural light and soft welcoming decor. Here's what she had to say on selecting this print,

"When I was looking through the gallery of Gray's prints, I was actually paying a lot of attention to where these prints were taken. This beach aerial beach print, Australia Ocean,caught my eye, first of all because the color scheme fits in my house, but second of all because it depicts a place I'm dying to visit. Also, when I'm adding big statement pieces to my home, I try to think about if I'll want them in my future home years from now. This print is timeless and special, so it will stand the test of time."

Gray Malin -Allison Norton - Polka Dot Media

I love knowing that Allison sees this print in her future for years to come as that's always a goal - to create artthat is timeless.

Allison actually has quite a few Gray Malin prints of her own, which obviously couldn't make me happier.

Gray Malin -Allison Norton - Polka Dot Media

Mkyonos Beach Vertical (left) and Graceful Glam I(right) both in Small, White Frame.

Chatting more about what connects her to the brand itself, Allison explains..

"To be totally honest, my favorite part about Gray's lifestyle brand is Gray himself!! We met Gray a couple years ago, and just fell in love with his warm, fun-loving, spontaneous personality. His photography is an extension of that. Every print is special and tells a story, and with each piece, you can tell that Gray went on an adventure to capture the right shot. Earlier this year, we went with Gray as he shot his Parker Palm Springs series, and it was incredible watching him in action. Everyone who works with him is smiling and working hard. He does a quality job while keeping things fun, and you can see that through his work."

Gray Malin - Aerial Beach Photography

Here's one more in her bedroom, Manly Beach Swimmers in Small.

Aww, thanks so much for all of the kind words, Allison, and for sharing your home with us!


Last but certainly not least, Rachel and her pup, Winnie!

Gray Malin -Allison Norton - Polka Dot Media

"Hi Everyone..I live in West Hollywood with my rescue pup Winnie. I co-founded Polka Dot Media with two of my best friends, whom you just met, Allison Norton and Ilana Saul, which is a boutique digital media firm. I also volunteer for Wags and Walks, an amazing dog rescue organization, which is where I adopted Winnie from in January of this year."

I'm not sure what I like more in this picture - how Rachel styled her Bondi Beach print or Winnie?!

Gray Malin - Aerial Beach Photography

"When it comes to decorating my home, I always go for the pretty, soft, feminine vibe. Also, comfort is super important to me, because I would never want to have a home that looks so gorgeous that you're afraid to touch anything."

Gray Malin - Aerial Beach Photography

"My apartment is covered in candles and picture frames and flea market finds and books and trays and dishes... I have a tendency to over-decorate... but I can't help it!"

Gray Malin - Aerial Beach Photography

Gray Malin - Aerial Beach Photography

Style away my friend! Loving the pop of Miami Pink Umbrellas in your gallery wall.

Talking about what made her choose her Gray Malin beach aerials, Rachel had this to say...

"Gray's prints just make me happy. They make me feel like I'm on vacation, which is always a good feeling. When I walk through the door and see my GM print, I am immediately in a better mood. I went to college in Santa Barbara on the ocean, so having these beautiful beach prints in my home bring me back to my younger days in SB, and it just makes me happy."

Well, Rachel, this makes ME happy that YOU'RE happy. So happy, I decided to drop by with the girls to have a quick 'Cheers' to having you all in my life.

Gray Malin - Polka Dot Media

Gray Malin - Polka Dot Media