Home/Room Tour: Fashionlaine and Flamingos


9 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Today's Inspiration Spotlight, Elaine of fashionlaine, is a really fun onefor a few reasons:

Her and I share a love of Flamingos

SURPRISE - Flamingos!

We met at a greatevent thrown by Lauren Conrad ages ago and soon after she posted abouther Gray Malinprint.

Elaine is a Los Angeles based fashion blogger and today, she's letting us into her office, which she has dubbed as her "Fashionlaine Headquarters." It's here thatshe spends her daysdays immersed in the world of fashion doing everything from photo shoots with brands, to heading to fashion filled events throughout the city, to hanging out with some of herfavorite fellow fashion bloggers.

Gray Malin - Flamingos Inspired Decor

"In between on the all the rush, I spend my downtime in my office which has become my little fashion haven and getaway. It's there that I work away on blog posts, emails, videos for my YouTube channel and more."

Gray Malin - Flamingos Inspired Decor

Chatting about her decor style, Elaine walks me through her studio.

"My style all around is considered very colorful, vibrant, and fun. Everything from fun colored must-have organizational pieces from the Container Storeto funny quotes and sayings framed on my walls, I like to keep both my home and office areas always light and happy."

Gray Malin - fashionlaine

Gray Malin - fashionlaine

I certainly can relate when it comes to appreciating pops of color! Taking in her studio, though it's clear she wasn't lacking in pops, so when asked why she chose Flamingo Balloons for the space she answered with ..

"There was something about the fun flamingo print that instantly made me fall in love. The colorful look with the unique concept of flamingo balloons in an ocean just made me happy everytime I looked at the picture that I knew I definitely wanted something like that to look at in my office everyday."

Gray Malin - Flamingos Inspired Decor

I loved hearing this and that's exactly what I was going for whenever I'm shooting for my Up and Awayseries. I feel that balloons are the universal symbol of joy, happiness, and celebration so I'm glad Elaine has a little of bit of that with her whenever she's in her studio!

Thanks to Elaine for letting us into her cheerful work studio and as always thanks to all of you for following along.