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7 years ago

2016 was a big year for me when it came to updates and redesigns at home. As we all embark into the new year, I thought it'd be fun to take a trip down memory lane to recap all of the decor changes. Who knows, perhaps it'll inspire one or two for you to try something new this year? For today'stour, I'm going to start with the kitchen. I got a little help from my friends Orlando Soria of HomePolish and William-Sonoma Home.Playing off our love of the ocean, we decided to go for a nautical chic update in the decor and complimented the new furniture and lighting, with some new aerial work with emphasis on the water.


Gray Malin;s Home Redesigns of 2016 Capri_Da_Luigi Gray Malin's Kitchen Redesign - Tour Gray's 2016 Home Redesigns Ocean_Rain

To see Before & After shots, as well as learn more about all of the new furniture, tableware, and accessories that were used in the redesign, here's a great overview of everything.


Having recently been to Bora Bora, I was incredibly inspired to bring that tranquil cabana style into this room for our guests to enjoy. Partnering with Serena & Lily on the furniture, beddingand lighting, I could not be happier with how this roomed turned out. Incorporating new Bora Bora aerials, I love the way Man in Red Shorts, Girl in Pink, and Day Trip Bora Bora accent the natural color of the Balboa Beds.

Gray Malin;s Home Redesigns of 2016 Gray Malin;s Home Redesigns of 2016 Bora_Bora_Aerials

With the redesign seed in full bloom, I moved onto our Master Bedroom after being so pleased by the transformation of the guest bedroom.


Perhaps the biggest change of all, I lightened and brightened the bedroom quite significantly from it's original incarnation. With the new and lighter palette, I also updated the artwork with my new series,Art of Living, which paired perfectly with the new paint color as well as the Serena & Lily dresser.

Gray Malin;s Home Redesigns of 2016 The_Den Gray Malin;s Home Redesigns of 2016 The_Swimming_Pool Gray Malin;s Home Redesigns of 2016

I roundedout the rest of the artwork selections with some of my favorite aerials from North America, including: Montauk, Miami, and Hawaii. Updating the artwork along with bedding and of course my favorite, therattan chair, all helped in creating a completely new space.

Gray Malin Bedroom Redesign - After

Feeling inspired? Want more? You'll need to check out Gray's Home Tour and see the rest..yes, there's more!

Cheers, GM