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8 years ago

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who have been to Positano and walked along this beach, then you know how special it is and seeing an image of it inevitably conjuresvery fond memories. Positano

*Update* Although Rocky's print is no longer available, we're happy to offer an excellent alternative...

Very serendipitously, Rachel aka Rocky Barnes and I were talking about this beach recently at my house, and it turns out it holds lovely and romantic memories for her and her boyfriend, Matt. Knowing that I was bringing thisimage out from the archives, I was so excited to offer her the first release of it for her home in the Hollywood Hills. Lets go see how she styled it, shall we?

Step Inside Rachel's 'Century Morracan' Home..

Inside the Home of Globetrotter, Rocky Barnes

I'll let Rachel take it from here, won't you please tell us a little about yourself, your style, elaborate on why you chose this print and pretty much anything else you'd like to share? We're all ears.

"Hi Everyone! So, I was born and raised in Manhattan beach, now living in the Hollywood Hills. I am a Model/blogger and full time globetrotter. My work tends to spill over into every part of my life so I feel lucky that I love it so much that I don't mind! For fun I am an avid vintage shopper and love to try new restaurants with my boyfriend Matt.

Inside the Home of Globetrotter, Rocky Barnes

My mom and uncle are both very into interior design. My Uncle was a set designer in NYC for years and my mom was a vintage hawaiiana dealer, so growing up I was always in very creative spaces. I definitely inherited both of their eclectic tastes. I call the style for my place mid century Moroccan! I love mixing different textures, and everything in my house tells a story! "

Inside the Home of Globetrotter, Rocky Barnes

It's clear Rachel and I share an affinity for Veuve Clicquot! I really liked thisroom in particular as it exudes exactly what Rachel is explaining, lots of textures and little pieces that tell a big story! Chatting more about what draws her to my work and this print in particular, Rachel has this to say..

"The Almafi coast was the first trip Matt and I took together, so when Gray said he had a new archived printcoming out I knew I had to have it!Gray's photos are always so inspiring. You can't help but be happy when you look at them. For me they also trigger happy memories. Traveling for me is one of my favorite things and his photos remind me of the places I have been as well as the places I can't wait to see for myself! "

Inside the Home of Globetrotter, Rocky Barnes

I love hearing these type sentiments! It's exactly what I aspire for my work to do when it's seen for the first time or every day insomeone's home. Turning my attention to Rachel's book case, I noticed we had a lot of the same, like minds! Inside the Home of Globetrotter, Rocky Barnes

When asked what her favorite coffee table books were, Rachel replied very sweetly,

" Gray Malin's BEACHES and Slim Aarons Poolside."

Aww, thank you for that and for letting us into your home today! I hope you and Matt enjoy Positano Vista as much today as the day you first strolled it.


xx GM