DIY Design: Summer Snow Globes

byTeam GM

8 years ago

DIY summer snow globes via Gray Malin

Today we’ve got a fun little project for all of you crafty ladies and gents out there. We’re big proponents of adding personal touches to your home and truly making it your own. And along with selecting great art for your walls, of course, that can mean creating your own custom DIY decor. Snow globes are one of those iconic souvenirs that we all collected as kids. It didn’t matter if we were headed to Disneyland or Dubai, we wanted the snow globe. So to give you a good dose of nostalgia—with a twist—we created these fun DIY summer snow globes. Inspired by Gray Malin prints like Poolside Palm Trees, Skinny Dip, and Flamingo Balloons, these aren’t your ordinary snow globes. Instead of snow flurries and igloos, we created a summer scene with flamingos, white swans, and palm trees. Check them out below…

Make your own DIY summer snow globes


  • a mason jar
  • summery plastic figurines (here are the flamingos we used; the palm trees and swans came from a local craft store)
  • blue glitter
  • glycerin
  • hot glue gun

Learn how to make the sunniest summer snow globes via Gray Malin

The Steps:

  1. Remove the lid from your mason jar. Using a hot glue gun, glue the figurines down onto the inside of the lid. If your jar has a narrow mouth, make sure to congregate the figurines toward the center of the lid so that they will easily fit inside.
  2. Fill your jar almost to the top with water, and then add a pinch of glitter and a couple drops of glycerin to make the glitter float.
  3. Screw your lid back onto the jar, give it a good shake, and voila!—you have yourself a summer snow globe.

DIY summer snow globes by Gray Malin

There you have it! The snow globes are adorable as a paperweight or make a sweet homemade host/hostess gift. Are you going to try this DIY? If you do, don’t forget to Instagram a picture with the hashtag #GMathome so that we can re-gram it! Xx Team GM

Photos: Jessi Burrone for