Design Direction: Creating a Bold and Beachy Bedroom with Ann Ueno

byGray Malin

2 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a chance to soak up these last few weeks of summer and bring home your favorite summer memories in a fine art form from I wanted to share a beautiful home tour to help you narrow down your decision. I always love to see how others style my art in their homes, especially when their style is so different than my own. Today, we’re visiting a fun beachy project of Ann Ueno Designs by Ann Ueno, in Miami. I’m so thrilled Ann was willing to take the time to share her displays with all of us. Without further ado, let’s get started! Jackie-Knabben-AUID-Gray-Malin-Master-Bedroom

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into interior design and do you have a specialty?

Hi! I’m Ann – the owner and creative director of Ann Ueno Interior Design. We are a full-service design firmed based in Miami, helping families and busy professionals complete a home renovation with ease. Our vision is to give everyone the opportunity to love the home they live in. After nearly two decades in corporate America working in digital marketing for hotels, in 2019 I quit that cold turkey to pursue my real love – interior design. As it turns out, running a business and getting to make homes beautiful are two of my favorite things – I’ve never looked back. Despite not having a design degree or an MBA, we continue to serve so many incredible clients in South Florida and beyond, all of us doing what we believe we are called to do. WHAT A DREAM!

Our specialty is centered around this idea: No ego, amigo. What does that mean? We design FOR the client, NOT for ourselves. Therefore, every single project is different. From a mid-century modern bathroom to a new traditional home renovation; from feminine boho to coastal modern, we cater to the client’s style, collaborate like bosses and execute the projects with joy and excellence. This sets us apart, especially in south Florida!

How would you define your interior design style?

I’d summarize it in three words – bold, classic and layered. While I love trends, I like timeless. While basic can be comfortable, bold evokes more emotion. And we are almost never linear in our design – always layered! And like I said before, each project is so deeply personal and connected to the client, their needs, layered with our expertise.

Why did you want to include Gray’s art in your project? Why did you pick these specific pieces?

It’s always a no brainer to use Gray’s art, amiright?! In this project specifically, I actually loved that it was a bit unexpected. The bedroom is covered with a Sarah Sherman Samuels x Lulu & Georgia modern Moroccan wallpaper, paired with black furniture and accessories with incremental layers of pattern – so to include the more traditional coastal beach art was not something I see very often. And when I don’t see it, I RUN AFTER IT AND DO IT! And the color story and layer of incremental pattern on the walls by way of Gray’s art was the finishing touch the room needed! 2.jpg-ZeojnQY

What did you pick out as the most important elements of the print to incorporate into the space?

It was really focused around the color. I wanted the print to have a neutral base with specific blue/turquoise hues so it could be part of the overall color and pattern story we had to start.

What would you recommend to first time GM art buyers when styling their art in their homes?

Don’t just buy one and don’t be afraid for the piece to stand alone OR be a part of a gallery wall! Gray’s work is so versatile – from a smaller print in a kids nursery to an accent piece in a bathroom, so many of the prints can be used to create a story across many of the rooms in the home. I view GM as a collector’s brand!

Ann thank you again for sharing your beautiful project space with us and taking time to share about your style inspo, life, and career. Make sure to stay up to date with Ann by following her on Instagram and checking out her blog.