Design Direction: Décor Trends to Look Out for in 2018

byTeam GM

6 years ago

Cheers to the new year! We’ve definitely had our fair share of fun looking back on 2017, but now we’re moving forward into 2018 full steam ahead. Naturally, part of that process for us is adopting the motto “out with the old, in with the new!” …Literally. Thanks to our annual Winter Wonderland sale—which ends today—we’ve scooped up some new, crisp white prints to hang on our walls to start the new year off with a breath of fresh air. (And hope you’ve all done the same! If not, it’s not too late…)

From prints to paint and so much more, we’re personally taking stock of what design trends are well-loved, but best left in the past, and what up-and-coming trends we should have on our radar for the 2018 year. So, we’re calling on our expert design contributor, Kate Lester, to give us the skinny on what trends she predicts will be BIG this year. Ready for the 2018 trend forecast? Here we go…

Neutral Color Palettes

“First and foremost, BROWN IS BACK!I am always a fan of mixing neutrals with hints of color, but in 2018I think the neutralcolor palette will be on theforefront when it comes to design trends. Look forbrowns and tans popping up in carpets, fabrics, and upholstery much more often in 2018.” – Kate Lester

Move aside in-your-face color… 2018 is the year of the neutrals, and we’re all about it. While we love a good pop of color in our pillows or prints, we’re eagerly looking forward to letting those neutral staples shine by not overwhelming them with saturated color.

Natural Wood Finishes

“Secondly, natural wood finishes are constantly on our design boards for projects in the coming year. We are really focusing on the quality of the woodwork and the stain and less on adding a lot of bells and whistles like crown and trim. In 2018, (I can’tbelieveI am saying this) less is more.” – Kate Lester

Whether you’re showcasing your natural wood cabinets and shelves, or simply adding a few accents like a natural frame here and there, now is the time to really emphasize them in your design. Not only does it add an effortless vibe to the space, but it also feels clean and fresh—perfect for the new year! P.S. If you haven’t tried snagging a GM print framed in our natural wood option yet, 2018 is totally your year…

Painted Trim and Paneling

“Lastly, painted trim and paneling is still on our radar. Next year we'll be kicking things up a notch by leaning more toward deeper, darker blues and greys to add even more contrast with our favorite crisp whites.” – Kate Lester

You heard her! We couldn’t love these trends more, and we’re excited to see them shine in 2018. So pick up a few neutral accents, play up those natural wood finishes, and go bold with a little painted trim.

What design trends are you looking forward to this most this year? To read more of Kate’s design tips and tricks, click here. Wishing you all a very stylish year ahead…

Xx Team GM

Photos: Lauren Pressey