Home/Room Tour: Christina Zilber, Founder of Jouer Cosmetics

byTeam GM

4 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know about you, but nothing inspires me more to make changes to my home decor than getting a peak at how others style their homes. So, to help inspire all of you, today we’re taking a tour of Christina Zilber’s Los Angeles home to see how she’s styled some of her favorite GM prints. Here we go!

Hi Christina, thank you for having us! Would you mind just starting off by telling us about yourself?

I’m the founder of Jouer Cosmetics a mom of two teens, and a passionate advocate for UNICEF. I split my time between Beverly Hills and Malibu. I’m pretty much in a constant rotation of work and family obligations so when I’ve got downtime I prefer to entertain at home. Fun for me is a hike or yoga, lunch with friends and watching the sunset in Malibu with a book in hand.

Your career is pretty multi-faceted, could you tell us more about what you do?

As the Founder, CEO and face of my brand, I touch just about every department of Jouer. I’ve got my hands in everything from product development, packaging, marketing, web, sales, education, to business development. In any given week I may visit a trade show or lab to develop product, host an influencer event, strategize an upcoming launch, meet with new hires or shoot content. No one day looks alike!

When did you launch Jouer Cosmetics? What was the catalyst behind creating it and how has your journey been creating and running a business?

I launched the line in 2008 at Henri Bendels. I wanted to create a line of products with effortlessly beautiful colors in formulas with skincare benefits. I had always felt a little left out in the makeup community – makeup artist lines didn’t feel like they served someone like me with both aging and breakout prone skin. Their colors were generally too experimental for me, and drugstore lines didn’t have the performance I needed from my makeup. I loved the French aesthetic of great skin with a pop of color for fun and, voila, Jouer was born. My journey has been a long and winding road with successes, set backs, pivots and lessons. The business is constantly evolving and it’s a continuous search for what works best to get the message to the customer.

Would you mind telling us a little bit about your home?

My Malibu home is my little slice of heaven. It’s about 3,000 square feet just off Pacific Coast Highway. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Beverly Hills, and once I’m there I can walk just about everywhere. The house is a traditional cape cod style. There are 5 bedrooms and one large great room downstairs which contains a living room, kitchen, and dining room.

Do you think your personal fashion style aligns with your interior decor style? If so, how?

Yes it does! I love a white dress, a pop of blush pink and lighter tones in general. I’m obsessed with light in my homes and just feel most comfortable and myself with the sun shining in.

When were you first introduced to the GM brand? What was your first piece?

I’ve loved Gray Malin for years and had eyed Bondi Beach forever. My first piece was The Dock, St. Tropez.

As your collection has grown, what was the thought process behind each selection?

Some of my fondest memories with my kids are in St. Tropez. We used to spend summers there so GM’s The Dock, St. Tropez was a natural fit at the beach house. I love how soothing it is. Bondi Beach is so classically Gray Malin and it really represents my aesthetic, light and bright with pops of color and fun.

Ok, last question. What about the Gray Malin lifestyle brand do you connect with most?

There’s a light and energy with the brand that appeals to me and fits right into my home. There’s a nostalgia to his images and at times we can’t tell if the image was taken in the ‘60’s or today. I love the mystery and sense of humor in his work.

Thank you so much to Christina for letting us into her home. I always feel so inspired whenever I see how other people style my work. Are you feeling inspired too? Now is the perfect time to give your space a refresh with a new print. Happy shopping!