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byTeam GM

7 years ago

When it comes to carefree living, entertainment, and style, there are few that rival Camille Styles. We got the chance to step into her home recently for a look at how she styled one of her favorite Gray Malin prints front-and-center in her living room, as well as get to know her thoughts on design and a laidback lifestyle a little bit better. We love what she had to say (and frankly can’t stop swooning over her airy coastal-inspired home), so we’re sharing what we learned from her below, as well as a few must-see snapshots of her space that will have you décor dreaming for days.

Camille transformed her living room with one simple swap—removing a TV that was once over her fireplace, and replacing it with this stunning St. Barths Nude Sunbathers print. Who knew one simple change could create an entirely new atmosphere? We’re loving the laidback, yet luxurious vibes we’re getting from this room tour, and can’t wait to let you in on Camille’s vision for her space. So without further ado, come along with us as we get to know miss Camille Styles…

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On her award-winning blog, Camille sharescreative ideas for living a happy and healthy life with hundreds of thousandsof readers each month– her passion is to show readers approachable ways toturn everyday moments into celebrations. Camille is also author of bestsellingbook,Camille Styles Entertaining, aswell as a regular lifestyle contributor and stylist to numerous media outletsand national lifestyle brands. She lives in Austin with her husband, Adam, and two kids, Phoebe and Henry.

Home Tour of Blogger Camille Styles on

Home Tour of Blogger Camille Styles on

We would love to know more about your style when it comes to decorating your home/dream space. What aesthetics/themes/details do you look for and emulate?

I’ve always been obsessed with spaces that remind me of the beach—being near the ocean is definitely my happy place, so I surround myself with calming shades of blues and sand, driftwood details, and my collection of coral and shells decorate bookshelves and coffee tables. I’m definitely drawn to any organic materials, and love layering different neutral shades with lots of textural interest. Someday I hope to actually have a beach house, but until then, I’m doing everything I can to channel those ocean vibes in my home here in Austin!

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What inspired you to choose the St. Barths Nude Sunbathers print?

Obviously the beach location made it an instant favorite, and the soothing shades fit perfectly into our living room’s aesthetics. I love how Gray transformed the sea and sand patterns into an almost abstract work of art, and the nude sunbathers are a nod to a carefree European lifestyle that I love.

What about the Gray Malin lifestyle brand do you connect with? (…How does it fit in with your lifestyle?)

I really connect with the brand’s sense of celebrating the natural world, seeing beauty in unexpected places, and living like it’s summer all year round!

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Then just for fun, a few more…

Where is your happy place?

Anywhere I can wake up to the sounds of waves crashing.

What experience or place to visit is at the TOP of your list?

I’m dying to go to Sydney—I have a major crush on Australia’s design, food, and fashion scene right now!

Favorite coffee table book?

My new favorite is Surf Shack: Laidback Living by the Water.

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We loved getting to know Camille and learn about her décor style, and can’t thank her enough for sharing her time (and her home) with us! We’ll definitely be dreaming of a space with coastal accents, neutral staples, and of course a Gray Malin print for weeks to come…

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Photos: Molly Culver Photography