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Brand New: Bugaboo by Gray Malin


2 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I’m so thrilled to finally announce my global collaboration with Bugaboo! Bugaboo is a brand that I’ve admired for a while and especially so since becoming a parent myself. They’ve not only done an amazing job of branding themselves and collaborating with top-notch artists, such as Andy Warhol and Missoni, but they’ve also created a genuinely amazing product. We teamed up to create a limited-edition sun canopy featuring one of my signature aerial photographs that can attach to almost any Bugaboo stroller.

I was amazed at Bugaboo’s ability to translate imagery and art onto stroller canopies without compromising the quality of product or the image. Bugaboos strollers receive so much well-deserved media attention and even before I had the twins, the brand was recommended to me by many friends. As a dad, I’m always looking for products that will protect my kids and I love that the Buagboo Sun Canopy offers UPF 50+ protection when we’re out in the sun. Since having the twins, I’ve naturally drifted towards dreaming of collaborating with child and family-oriented products since they’re so relevant to my life. When I began exploring new brands to work with, I knew Bugaboo would be the perfect fit.

I chose to feature Bondi Beach because it’s a favorite destination of mine and one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I especially love it from an aerial perspective. The vibrant colors really pop on the canopy and the overall landscape makes you feel calm.

While we’re all daydreaming of future days at the beach and the weather starts to warm up, this sun canopy will help transport you and your little one on your daily walks. You can shop the limited edition collection directly on Bugaboo’s website and add a fresh new canopy to your Bugaboo Fox, Donkey2, Bee5, or Lynx stroller! It’s also compatible with the all-new Fox2 and Donkey3. Don't miss the interview I did with Bugaboo over on their blog.

PS: See the stroller featured in Forbes here.