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Brand New: Gray’s Bora Bora Aerials

byTeam GM

8 years ago

The Snorkeler II, Gray Malin

The Snorkeler

When someone says “Gray Malin,” the first thing that often comes to mind are Gray’s striking aerial shots of sandy beaches dotted with colorful umbrellas and relaxed loungers. They are so vibrant and fun, and frankly, they leave us wanting more and more of these stunning shots to hang on our walls. If you’re feeling the same way, then you’ll be excited to meet Gray’s newly released collectionof aerials shot in beautiful Bora Bora! The Bora Bora Aerials boast a slightly different tone than his previous aerial collections, and we can’t peel our eyes away. Contrasting Gray’s usually energetic beach aerials, his new Bora Bora collection has such a serene, dreamlike quality that has us in a daze we just don’t want to be shaken from!

Day Trip print, part of Gray Malin's new Bora Bora Aerials collection

Day Trip

Between the soft lines and ethereal color scheme, these prints are sure to bring a breath of fresh air into any room in your home. In fact, we’ll warn you now that they induce almost immediate relaxation… So for that reason, we’re loving the idea of these heavenly scenes in a bed, bath, or lounge area. They truly take us away. Alright enough dreaming for us, let’s get into the series so you can start picking out your favorites… Girl in Pink, print by Gray Malin, part of his newest Bora Bora aerials collection

Girl in Pink

Matira Beach Print by Gray Malin

Matira Beach

Matira Beach Swimmers, print by Gray Malin

Matira Beach Swimmers

Gray took to air in proper aerial fashion to catch these beautiful shots of paradise… See Gray Malin's beautiful new aerial series shot in Bora Bora The Vacationers Print by Gray Malin

The Vacationers

Man in Red Shorts, print by Gray Malin

Man in Red Shorts

The Sand Bar, print by Gray Malin

The Sand Bar

Of course Gray isn’t new to the helicopter point of view, but we’re betting that this ride over crystal clear waters was one for the books… Take a peek at Gray Malin's beautiful new aerials in Bora Bora The Reef Vertical by Gray Malin

The Reef Vertical

The Reef Horizontal Print, Bora Bora Aerials by Gray Malin

The Reef

Unbelievable, right? We’re already making our list of favorites so we don’t miss out on this series. Shop your favorites here and just for a little added inspiration, here are a few shots from Gray's home with the new Bora Bora. The-Reef,-Bora-Bora-(Vertical)-In-Room - Decor Inspiration Matira-Beach-Swimmers,-Bora-Bora Decor Inspiration Girl in Pink Bora Bora - Decor Inspiration

Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to show us how you style them in your home, by using #GrayMalin.

Happy daydreaming!

Xx Team GM

Photos: Gray Malin