Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways to Use Wall Sconces

byTeam GM

6 years ago

If you’re anything like us, then you’re gawking at all the amazing sconces on the market right now—and trying to think of every possible way you can incorporate them into your home. We’re right with you on that one, and whether you’re all about the brass or you favor more traditional styles, there’s no denying that wall sconces are having a major moment. We love the understated, yet chic touch they add to a space, and beyond that, they are undeniably versatile. Which brings us to our topic today…

If you’re dying over all the pretty wall sconces you’ve seen lately, but you’re not quite sure how or where to use them, then keep scrolling! We’re sharing five fool-proof ways to use wall sconces in your home—and the best part is that it’s now easier than ever. With so many hardwired and plug-in options on the market, this is a trend even renters can partake in. Here are the sconces we’re loving, plus five ways to use them…

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1. To illuminate a piece of artwork or gallery wall.

First and foremost, it’s pretty obvious that one of our favorite ways to use sconces is to illuminate our most beloved pieces of art. Not only does this shed some light (literally) on the piece, but it also makes a bold statement in the design department. The style of sconce you choose can add a whole new element to your artwork, and draw the eye more directly to that piece you love.

2. For extra task lighting or secondary lighting.

One of the more functional ways to use wall sconces is to install them wherever a bit of task lighting is needed. This can be beside your bed, in a reading nook, over a desk, or even behind a chair in the corner that needs a little boost of light. This is the perfect scenario to employ those to-die-for swing arm sconces we’ve been loving, so you can manually adjust them depending on the task. Plus, due to their small size and strategic placement, wall sconces tend to give off a warmer, moodier vibe than most primary light sources, and who doesn’t love that?

3. To brighten up small spaces.

One of the things we’re obsessing most over when it comes to wall sconces is their space-saving abilities. Instead of having to hunt down an entire credenza and table lamp situation (or stuffing a towering floor lamp in the corner), you can simply install a couple of chic sconces in those smaller spaces, and you’ll forget they are even there. Think hallways, bathrooms, closets, and all those little nooks—wall sconces were made for them. Or, if your entire apartment is limited on space, this absolutely applies to you too. Remember this: wall sconces are a studio apartment’s best friend.

Image via Daniela Benloulou Interiors

Image via Kate Lester Interiors

4. To frame windows, doors, mirrors, and more.

Sometimes, a room simply isn’t complete without a couple of accents to frame those oversized elements like windows, doors, and mirrors. While these certainly aren’t the only details that look amazing flanked by accent lighting, it is hard to go wrong when adding a little oomph to these areas. Just make sure to pay attention to scale—you don’t want your window or mirror to dwarf your sconces, but you don’t want your sconces to completely steal the show either.

Images via Kate Lester Interiors

5. To fill in those “awkward” places.

Last, but not least, wall sconces are heroes when it comes to nurturing those neglected “awkward” spaces. Whether that is above a window, along an unusually constructed wall, or nestled in a corner, sconces are the perfect way to make those places feel a little more intentional—and look a whole lot prettier.

Image via Evars + Anderson Interior Design

What’s your take on wall sconces?

If you couldn’t tell, we’re currently obsessed with their style and versatility, and we don’t plan on falling out of love anytime soon. Don’t forget shop your fave styles above, and maybe even pick up a piece of artwork (or two) to go with them…

Xx Team GM

Photos: 1.-2., 3. Daniela Benloulou Interiors, 4.-6. Kate Lester Interiors, 7. Evars + Anderson Interior Design