Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways to Display Prints That Don’t Involve a Nail in the Wall

byTeam GM

7 years ago

The thing we love most about art and décor is that there is no right or wrong way to do things. There are truly endless possibilities when it comes to the way you style your art, and we understand the need to sometimes get creative when displaying your prints (in fact, we highly encourage it!).

We absolutely love making a large print the focal point of any room, hung neatly on the wall, but of course there are circumstances that don’t always allow you to use hammer and nail. Whether you’re renting, sharing a space with a roommate, or simply aren’t a fan of leaving holes in the walls, then you’ll want to keep reading for a few tips and tricks to displaying those gorgeous prints without the repercussions. What we especially love about these tips is that they allow you the freedom to swap prints in and out at a moment’s notice—change sizes, locations, orientations, anything you want! (It’s not that we get bored easily, we just like going through the rotation so every print gets a turn to shine.)

You’ve probably already figured out that we’re also fans of changing our décor seasonally… and these tips are perfect for just that. But no matter the reason, keep scrolling to learn 5 different ways to display your GM prints that don’t involve a nail in the wall…

5 Ways to Display Prints That Don't Involve a Nail in the Wall |

1. Get Artsy With an Easel

An easy way to add artsy interest to any room is to display your prints securely clamped on an easel. We love the idea of investing in a modern wood floor easel and sitting it in the corner of your space to act as both an art piece and a décor object. Not only is it a totally unique way to display your prints that you don’t see every day, but it truly adds an element of creativity to any space. Need an extra push? We’re especially obsessed with this acrylic tripod easel that you can get right here.

2. Let it Lean

There’s nothing quite like the tried-and-true method of leaning our favorite GM prints on anything and everything we can find. Whether on the kitchen counter, a desk space, mantle, or credenza, you really can’t go wrong with letting those small and medium prints lean up gently against the wall. We love the way this method creates a perfectly imperfect décor style that still looks put together without being too stuffy. Don’t you agree? Tip: layer horizontal and vertical prints that complement one another on the same surface, like our animal friends from The Parker, or multiple beach scenes. Bonus Tip: If your prints are large or extra large, try leaving them on the floor propped up against a wall for a big statement. We love this look barely tucked behind a stylish lounge chair or by a light source so the eye is always drawn to it.

3. Make it a Prop

Much like letting those prints lean on the floor or tabletop creates a fun, lived-in look, you may want to try taking it one step further and incorporate your small prints right into the thick of your décor. In this case, think of your prints as more of a décor object, rather than a picture—tuck them in interesting places in your space, like juxtaposed with objects on a shelf or bookcase, or mixed in with liquor, floral bouquets, and dining accessories on your bar cart. Or, if you want to keep it a photo-only display, layer several small prints of differing heights and frame colors to add depth and texture to your room (we love this look on floating picture ledges, like these).

4. Keep Things Temporary

If you simply can’t get on board with not hanging your prints, then there are always temporary hanging tools to get the job done. Listen up all you renters out there, because this may just become your go-to! Of course for some pieces of art (i.e. large and heavy prints) using a hammer and heavy duty hanging hook may be the only way to go. But for those lighter prints, Command hooks (bought online or at your local hardware store) are an easy, temporary way to hang your prints without any damage to your walls. Plus, they come in varying weight allowances listed right on the packaging, so you know exactly the size and weight your hook can handle.

5. Create Your Own Technique

Aside from the more simple ways to display your prints sans nail in the wall, there are plenty of other options that you can think up to perfectly match the style of your space. If your room has more of a boho look, for example, consider going without the traditional frame and use lightweight wooden hangers with string (like these ones), then secure with a transparent temporary hook. Or, find some decorative clips to add your own unique touch to the piece. The possibilities really are endless—simply find something that suits your taste and décor style, and run with it. No matter what you try, getting creative with displaying your prints will add the perfectly personal touch to your space.

5 Ways to Display Prints That Don't Involve a Nail in the Wall |

Which of these methods are you most interested in trying out in your space?

You’ve probably noticed we’re pretty partial to those leaning prints… It never fails. Tag us on social media @GrayMalin so we can see the creative ways you display your GM prints at home!

Xx Team GM

Photos:, Jessi Burrone