Tips & Tricks: 5 Reasons to Add Greenery in Unexpected Places

byTeam GM

6 years ago

If you follow along with us regularly, then you know that we’ve touched on the topic of greenery on the blog before, and today we’re bringing it back! If you’ve ever wondered about the best greenery to grow indoors, or how to find the best faux florals, we got your back. And today we’re breaking down just a few of the many reasons why we believe greenery should be a part of any and every room in the home. Yes—bathrooms and kitchens included! If you’ve always thought that indoor plants were only reserved for that space behind your living room lounge chair, think again… Here are 5 reasons why you should add greenery to unexpected places in the home:

1. Your plants can actually clean the air.

Yes, believe it or not, your greenery is actually doing more than just sitting there and looking pretty! The leaves on your plants are pros at absorbing gases for photosynthesis, and in fact, they take in more than just what is required for this process. In addition to the carbon dioxide we exhale, plants absorb tons of other gases that are found in plastics, pesticides, fabrics, and even some household cleaners like dish detergent and fabric softener. (Greenery, say hello to bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms!)

Basically, you can thank your plant for breathing these things in so you don’t have to (at least not as much). But keep in mind, some indoor plants are better at purifying the air than others. Some of the best ones for the job are spider plants, areca palms, aloe vera, and snake plants—just to name a few.

2. They breathe life into the design of a room.

Not only do they literally breathe in household pollutants, but they also figuratively breathe life into a room. Have you ever walked into a space that just felt… cold? Chances are, not a lick of greenery was found in that room. Even after all our efforts to decorate our space down to the details, nothing brings a design to life like something that’s actually living. Or in other words, plants and flowers! This is why greenery is perfect for those little nooks and crannies in your home that just seem to be missing something. Try adding a little plant here and there to those “colder” places in the house, like on the bathroom counter or in your kitchen windowsill. Trust us, it will liven up the space in an instant and make any design feel complete.

3. Plants and flowers inspire creativity and productivity.

Ever thought that simply having a plant around could make you more creative and productive? It sounds too good to be true, but in fact, Texas A&M University conducted a study that showed the positive effects of greenery on our brains when problem-solving. They found that men and women were able to come up with more ideas and innovative solutions in workplaces where plants were present. Crazy, right? So basically what we’re saying is, add that fiddle leaf fig or big bouquet of flowers to your home office or studio STAT.

  1. They can make any space feel “fresh.”

Not only does greenery make a space more aesthetically pleasing in general, but we love the idea of adding plants and flowers to spaces like the kitchen and bathroom for one specific reason—they have the ability to make almost any space feel cleaner. Because things in nature are constantly growing and changing, plants and flowers are an easy way to make any space feel new and fresh (as long as your plants aren’t looking sad, that is!).

5. Greenery is a natural mood-booster.

Yep! If you weren’t convinced of the magic of adding greenery to your space yet, this should do the trick. There’s a reason why having plants and flowers in the entryway of a home makes guests feel so welcome. It’s because they can actually boost your mood! Think of it like this: as humans, it’s natural for us to retreat to nature to unwind and de-stress, and bringing nature indoors does the exact same thing, just at a smaller scale. Greenery has been shown to be beneficial to our mental health, and that relaxation we feel when we look at plants makes us feel more at home. So go ahead and add greenery to all those places where you want guests to feel welcome, from the bedside table, to bathroom, to entryway.

_ What do you think? Are you as convinced as we are that plants are miracle worker _s?

As if we weren’t plant-obsessed enough before, we are even more in love with these natural wonders now. If you want even more info on the benefits of adding greenery to each and every space, check out this article for the run down.

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Xx Team GM