Out of Office: 3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa, Texas


7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

With our Prada Marfa sale in full effect, I’ve had the unique charm of this secluded must-see location on my mind. While Marfa, Texas is off the beaten path (to say the least) and takes some effort to get to, it is full of fun treasures that are definitely worth seeing at least once. If you’ve already heard of Marfa, TX but haven’t had a chance to visit yet, then you’re probably familiar with its reputation as a unique art hub in the middle of nowhere. This is where I shot my Prada Marfa series, and I’ll say the tiny city definitely lives up to its artsy reputation. That being said, art isn’t the only thing worth seeing in Marfa—although, it’s definitely at the top of any traveler’s to-do list when they visit!

From desert “glamp”-sites to food stops that will make your mouth water, you’d be surprised at just how much is there is to see, experience, and taste in this secluded little destination. If you’ve never thought of adding Marfa, TX to your list of must-see destinations, then let me make my case why you should add it ASAP. Below I’m sharing three reasons to at least make a pit stop if you drive through Marfa, Texas—and I have to say, you just might be so intrigued that you’ll make a weekend vacation out of it…

3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa, Texas | GRAY MALIN

1. The Art Scene

Like I mentioned above, one of the top reasons to visit Marfa is to indulge in the unique art it has to offer. Marfa itself is chock-full of surprisingly trendy photo opportunities that are totally unique to the destination, and always flanked by the sprawling desert landscape in the background. And of course, you can’t miss a stop at the iconic Prada Marfa! (Click here to learn more about the beginnings of this art installation and my visit to the location.) I may be a little biased, but this fashion-forward art piece offers some incredibly interesting food for thought and is a must-see. While you’re there, make a stop at some more noteworthy permanent art installations, such as the 15 untitled works in concrete and museum of aluminum works that change appearance in the rising and setting sun.

3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa, Texas | GRAY MALIN

3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa Texas | El Cosmico Campground and Hotel | GRAY MALIN

3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa, Texas | GRAY MALIN

3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa, Texas | El Cosmico Campground and Hotel | GRAY MALINEl Cosmico // Photos by Nick Simonite

Not only are the museums and installations a work of art, but I’d argue that the places to stay in Marfa, Texas are art pieces in and of themselves! If you’re heading to this remote location for an overnight stay, then you’ll have plenty of desert-chic places to choose from. For starters, El Cosmico is a comfortable campground of sorts—complete with queen beds, power, and your choice between a “glamping” tent, teepee, or several photogenic retro trailers of varying sizes. If you’re looking for a slightly more traditional stay, try the 1930’s vintage Hotel Paisano or the Thunderbird Motel.

3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa, Texas | GRAY MALIN

2. The Marfa Lights

If you’re heading to the desert for a natural spectacle, then Marfa won’t disappoint. Visitors have said that during the night, on the southeast horizon just outside of Marfa, you can see mysterious lights that change colors, dance, and speed across the empty plains in the distance. These lights are stranger than they may seem, however… The area outside of town is uninhabited, and no one can figure out the source of these mystery lights. But no matter where they actually come from, the sight just adds to the intrigue of the remote location of Marfa. Head to the official viewing area to see for yourself.

3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa, Texas | GRAY MALIN

3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa, Texas | GRAY MALINPhotos via Katie St. John

3. The Food Experience

Last, but certainly not least, you may be shocked by how developed (and delicious) the food selection is in Marfa, Texas. Complete with everything from vegan eats, to trendy coffee shops, to the acclaimed Marfa Burrito (where Ramona will make you breakfast burritos from her own kitchen), there is something for everyone in Marfa—and you’ll be dreaming about it for days afterward. Some visitors even say that the food alone is their favorite part of their trip to Marfa, so don’t underestimate these humble food stops. Case in point? The must-try Food Shark truck, parked in the middle of the sparse desert, complete with an old-school bus where you can sit and have your meal to get out of the Texas sun.

3 Reasons to Drive Through Marfa, Texas | GRAY MALIN

Have I convinced you to visit Marfa, Texas yet? Will you be adding it to your list of must-see destinations?

To say Marfa is a unique destination would be an understatement, and that’s why I can’t get enough of it. If you’re in love with this location like I am, or just want to add a touch of Marfa’s unique vibe to your own home, make sure to pick up your Prada Marfa prints while they are on sale right here.




Photos: Gray Malin, Nick Simonite, Katie St. John