Design Direction: Natural Wood Furniture and Décor

by Team GM

3 years ago

Sometimes all a lived-in room needs to feel fresh again is a touch of nature… but since we can’t always literally bring the outdoors inside, natural wood décor is a great way to blend contemporary designs with a more down-to-earth element. You don’t need to go out and chop down a tree to bring a hint of wood into your home either, thanks to the wide variety of natural wood décor that has cropped up this season. To keep things from straying too log cabin chic, make sure to mix clean lines with rustic pieces to keep things current. (And when in doubt, the easiest place to start is with our natural wood framing option!) An elegant wooden lamp can transform a living room, while a light wooden frame can brighten up a darker print. Worried about all the light wood looking a little too IKEA? Choose solid pieces that feel carved for a more upscale take. Keep scrolling for a little natural wood décor inspiration…


When it comes to wooden accessories, the options are endless. Incorporate natural wood into your bedroom via an oversized framed mirror, or add a hint in your kitchen with a cake stand that is elegant enough to display on a countertop on its own.

  1. Floating Shelf | 2. Bread Board | 3. Lamp | 4. Drum Chandelier | 5. Cake Stand| 6. Mirror | 7. Bowl


If you want to just dip your toes into the water with natural wood (or add that perfect finishing touch to your already-curated natural wood collection), you can’t go wrong witha warm, natural wood gallery frame. Need a jumping-off point to pick the right print? These colorful GM prints below pop against the neutral borders, while darker and more abstract shots get a more casual feel with the addition of a wooden frame.

  1. Eden Rock Overlook, Monterosso | 2. Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre | 3.Parc Guell Staircase | 4. Black Sands Beach Marin County | 5. Ocean Beach Waves, San Francisco | 6.Newport Beach Lifeguard Stand | 7. Mirror III


These pieces are statement-making in the best way, and can stand alone in a room filled with other textures. A wooden bed frame in particular serves as a blank canvas for bedding and pillows, while still keeping the room cozy. Or, if you want to add a bit of warmth to your existing living room design, try adding a couple of paint-dipped stools or a sleek, natural wood credenza for the perfect Scandinavian-inspired look.

  1. Side Table | 2. Bed | 3. Console | 4. Bar Cabinet | 5. Chair | 6. Dresser | 7. Bar Stools

How would you add natural wood to your home?

You can’t go wrong with a natural wood framed GM print, if you ask us… ;) We hope to see you back here soon, and make sure to visit the Interiors section on the blog for more styling tips and tricks.

Xx Team GM

Photos: Kate Martindale,