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Brand New: Introducing Gray Malin at the Mauna Kea


2 years ago

Aloha, everyone! Who else could use a little bit of Hawaiian sunshine? If you raised your hand, then you’re in luck because today I’m releasing my latest series, Gray Malin at the Mauna Kea shot on the beautiful island of Hawai’i. Inspired by the timeless and unique spirit of the island, I created this series at the beloved Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. With vintage props, colorful surfboards, and striped beachside umbrellas I set out to capture the historic 1960’s property, built by Laurance S. Rockefeller, and bring a little slice of paradise into your homes. This series celebrates the idyllic Hawaiian lifestyle and transports you to a tropical paradise along the shores of Kauna’oa Bay. For those of you who have visited the property before, I hope this series instantly brings back fond memories and a sense of home and for those of you who haven’t made it there yet, I hope it opens your eyes to the magic of the Mauna Kea.

There are so many images in this series that I love, it’s almost impossible to narrow it down, but, to celebrate today’s launch, I thought I’d share 5 of my favorites that really give you the perspective of the full collection.

Afternoon Stroll Vertical, Mauna Kea

Beach Buggy, Mauna Kea

Fredrico Cheers Vertical, Mauna Kea

Welcome to the Mauna Kea

The Lifeguard Stand, Mauna Kea

Oh, how I wish we could all be sitting on that beach together, Fredricos in hand! I hope you all are inspired by this series and that it helps transport you to days full of fun and sun. Discover the entire collection on