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8 years ago

Hey Everyone!

I'm super excited to share today's Inspiration Spotlight with you today as I've been a long time follower of this talented woman's work. Much to my delight, I recently found out she was a fan of mine, too and she not only had one but two Gray Malin beach pieces in her home. After a few email exchanges, we decidedit would be funto share her experience with her Gray Malin beach pieces AND come up with a fun contest for both you and her audience! More on that a bit later, though.

First a quick intro;Joy Chois the Creative Director and Founder of Oh Joy, which includes a line of "licensed product lines, how-to lifestyle videos, and a dailyblog with a focus on design, fashion, food, and joyful moments from everyday life."Shealso has authored two books, one of which I stood in line years ago to purchase at a meet-and-greet with her (just another example of my true appreciation).I hope you enjoy a peak inside her home as much, as I did.

As anL.A. transplant, this Philadelphia native loves living in sunny Southern California with her husband and two adorable daughters.

Inspiration Spotlight: Oh Joy

Joy describes her decor style as a mix of modern, vintage, and simply comfortable living. She says

"I’m a huge fan of color and pattern so you’ll see that brought into my space in both small and big ways."

Inspiration Spotlight: Oh Joy

The Bondi Beach print's home is in her daughter's room, which we couldn't agree more as a selection for the Kids Room.Then,Coogee Wave hangs in her bedroom where her favorite item in her home is,

"Our bed. We recently got a king-sized bed, and it has changed my life."

Inspiration Spotlight: Oh Joy

The Oh Joy aesthetic naturally has a very spring/summer feel to it, Joy thought these prints fit in perfectly with her and her daughter's room because, as she put it,

"my brain lives in a sunny season year round."

Itsounds like the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree in this family either as Joy shared this cute story of her 3 year old asking her, "Do monsters live in California?" and before Joy could even respond she answered her own question with "I think they only live in Philadelphia." Yes, that's right, there are no monsters in the sunny season.

Inspiration Spotlight: Oh Joy

Joy says that her happy place is "anywhere in the sunshine" which is probably why at the TOP of her list of places to visit is Melbourne, Australia. She states

"I feel like there is some amazing design coming from Melbourne right now!"

Ipredict a trip for her in the near future...Thanks to Joy for sharing and thank YOU for following along! To see more beach aerials, look no further than right HERE.

Photos courtesy ofCasey Brodley for Oh Joy