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7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Today is a very special day for two reasons. The first is today we’re featuring the lovely Meghan Markle’s home away from home as our Inspiration Spotlight, and the second is her Gray Malin beach aerial print, Coogee Beach Horizontal, along with all of the rest of theA la Plage collection is on sale. It’s our largest sale of the summer, so I’m super excited to announce it as well as talk all things decor with Meghan in today’s Spotlight!

If you're not already familiar with this multi-talented woman, please allow me a quick introduction as well as a peek inside her Toronto home.

Gray Malin - Meghan Markle Spotlight

Meghan was born and raised in Los Angeles. Based in Toronto during the filming of the show, Suits,Meghan was in need of some sunshine in her home away from home.

Having already owned a piece from Prada Marfa, Meghan reached out to me for some help. My top suggestion was to focus on a beach aerial print as they offer a little sun and fun year round.

"My mom bought me my first Gray Malin print 7 years ago but Coogee Beach Horizontalis the specific piece that felt like the ray of sunshine I needed in my Toronto pied-à-terre to warm the space especially on chilly days."

Gray Malin Decor - Meghan Markle

When Meghan isn't busy acting, she has quite a few other creative outlets.A little over a year ago, she founded her lifestyle brand, The Tig. In celebration of the one year anniversary, Meghan has been "busy working on collaborations, and traveling to continue to share my Tig adventures."

"I also work closely with UN as a UN Women Advocate for Women’s Leadership and Political Participation. It’s a full plate but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And lestwe forget, my two rescue dogs, Bogart and Guy -- taking them on trail runs ranks high on my list as well."

Like I said, multi-talented woman!

Gray Malin Spotlight - Meghan Markle

Talking about what connects her to the Gray Malin brand, Meghan had this incredibleenthusiasmand quote to share.

"We both embrace a life ofwanderlust! There’s that amazing quote; “Traveling is about the glorious feelingof teetering in the unknown.” I feel that is a huge part of both Gray and my ethos; so there’s a lot of synergy here."

Gray Malin - Meghan Markle Spotlight

As always, I love hearing how people connect to my photography, especially when it involves so manytouch points in someone's life. It makes me happy to know that her beach aerial print of Coogee Beachadds a smile to her days in Toronto.

Thank you so much to Meghan for letting us into her home away from home!Like her print? Find it and more here- A la Plage also, check out this fun Q & A we did together on The Tig.