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Out of Frame: Guess These New Bon Voyage Icons

by Team GM

2 years ago

One of the most fun parts of Gray’s Bon Voyage series is matching a face to each print. In previous years when we’ve launched new additions to the series, it’s been so fun quizzing you all on who you think each print represents. Today, Gray is releasing a whole new slew of “passengers” for you to explore and get to know. Plus, we’ve put together another quiz featuring the new icons to see if you can guess them. Keep scrolling to take our quiz and be sure to check out the entire series on our site.

The Supreme Court Justice

A) Sandra Day O’Connor

B) Sonia Sotomayor

C) Ruth Bader Ginsburg

D) Judy Sheindlin

The Secret Agent

A) Ethan Hunt

B) James Bond

C) Jason Bourne

D) Han Solo

The Gymnast

A) Simone Biles

B) Gabby Douglas

C) Wilma Rudolph

D) Florence Griffith Joyner

The Fashion Designer

A) Stella McCartney

B) Diane Von Furstenberg

C) Vera Wang

D) Coco Chanel


The Supreme Court Justice…….. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Secret Agent…….. James Bond

The Gymnast…….. Simone Biles

The Fashion Designer……. Coco Chanel

We never get tired of dreaming how the famous figures would enjoy the good life at 30,000 feet. Head over the site to view and shop the entire series.


Team GM