Gray's Home: Gray's Lake Home Renovation - The Living and Dining Room

byGray Malin

3 years ago

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our living room in Lake Michigan. After spending almost the entire summer at our Lake Michigan house last year, the living room really turned out to be our most loved room in the house. During the design process, I had a feeling that would happen, so I made sure that every design choice we made helped the room feel cozy and livable, but still sophisticated.

Our sofa and chairs from Lee Industries helped accomplish the feel by looking crisp without having to sacrifice comfort. The waterfall detailing on our fireplace and the shiplap walls are so special and really add great dimension to the room. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the shiplap carries over into the ceiling, which draws the eye up and puts an emphasis on the height of the room. Considering how low the ceilings were originally, this is especially exciting.

Rainbow Ridge-9 Torch lake sandbar

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Something you’ll notice throughout many of the rooms in our home is that we mixed and matched neutral tones with colors that complimented them well and weren’t overwhelming. The perfect example of this is our child-friendly coffee table ottomanin front of our couch, which we recovered in beautiful blue fabric from Peter Dunham Textiles. The blue added a fun bit of color to the room that wasn’t distracting from the rest of the space.

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This bright red backgammon table has been with us since our first home and is a happy splash of color in our living room. I love having this playful nod to Lake Michigan above to add a local touch to our home.

Rainbow Ridge-19 Big Red Lighthouse

It was important for us to have lots of space for entertaining so our dining room is open and connects our kitchen to the living room. Something unique about our dining room table is that it has two leaves, so it can open up to seat 14 people. Perfect for when we want to host a summer bbq with our friends and family! And isn’t that chandelier from Circa Lighting a show stopper? I love how unique the shape is and although it’s pretty minimalistic in its design it still really makes an impact.

Connecting the rooms together in one large open-concept space made it so that everyone can always be together no matter what they’re doing. By sticking to a similar color palette throughout each room we were able to make the flow feel very natural. So, although it technically has four different uses, it feels consistent.

You can tour the rest of my Lake Michigan home in this blog post. If you’re feeling inspired to bring some new art into your home, you can shop my whole Lake Home Renovation here.