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Read All About It: Gray Malin x Pinterest


3 years ago

Hi Everyone!

Who out there loves Pinterest as much as I do? I have been using Pinterest for years as a tool for personal inspiration while also sharing my own creative content to help inspire others. I am beyond excited to announce that I am the first creator teaming up with Pinterest for a special video and collaborative board that shares my expertise in using fine-art photography to decorate your home. This video encourages viewers to think differently about decorating with fine art photography and opens their eyes to the magic that can happen when you Start with Art.

My #1 piece of advice when designing a room is to lead with artwork that energizes and transports you. By starting with art, your space will come to life in ways you may have never expected! It may also help you see the space differently, and encourage you to take your design in a direction you maybe wouldn’t have considered before.

Make sure to explore our shared partnership board for more Gray Malin content, design inspiration, home decor products, and favorite prints. Also, if you don’t follow @graymalin on Pinterest, we would love for you to join us here!

I’m so proud to be partnering with Pinterest because I think their platform can be so powerful in connecting people and helping spread inspiration in so many aspects of life. This video series celebrates creators and the essential role we play on their platform. My feature showcases my expertise as a photographer and my passion for interior design. Hopefully, it inspires you too!