Free Winter Phone Backgrounds

by Team Gray Malin

a year ago

Ready to bring the slopes to your phone screen? We think there's nothing better than having images of dreamy getaways on your phone screen to help transport you, which is why we love releasing free phone backgrounds from your favorite collections. Just in time for the holiday season, we decided to release 3 snowy backgrounds to transport you when you pick up your phone... To download the backgrounds, click the link below the image with your corresponding phone size and either drag the image to your desktop or save to your phone's camera roll.

Aspen Mountain Run

13 Pro Max | 13/13 Pro | Galaxy | X/Xs/11 Pro | Xr 11/12 | Xs Max/11 Max Pro/12

Lone Skier

13 Pro Max | 13/13 Pro | Galaxy | X/Xs/11 Pro | Xr/11/12 | Xs Max/11 Max Pro/12

Sheer Bliss

13 Pro Max | 13/13 Pro | Galaxy | X/Xs/11 Pro | Xr/11/12 | Xs Max/11 Max Pro/12

Ready to take a mental vacation? We hope these backgrounds bring whimsical feelings to your everyday. 


Team GM