DIY Design: DIY Valentine’s Day Confetti Inspired by Girl in Pink

by Team GM

5 years ago

Last week, Gray released his oh-so-sweet collab with Sugarfina, and like we mentioned at the bottom of that post, today we’re sharing how we created the confetti we used to showcase that ah-ma-zing bento box. We’ll start off by saying it is literally the easiest and quickest DIY of all time, and it adds the cutest touch to any gift you’ll be giving this V-day. (Let’s be honest, who would love opening up a gift to find little hearts fluttering all around?)

That being said, there was more than just a little holiday inspiration behind this confetti. In fact, it was inspired by one of our favorite prints to gift this Valentine’s Day. We’ll give you a hint… she’s simple and sweet, but she really packs a punch in a space—our inspiration was none other than our favorite Girl in Pink! This print that graces the cover of Gray’s ESCAPE was shot over the crystal clear waters of Bora Bora, and if you ask us, that fact alone is enough to make this print feel super romantic and dreamy. After taking one look at our Girl in Pink, we felt inspired to pull those light pink and aqua blue hues into our Valentine’s Day gifts this year.

So, keep scrolling to get this uber-easy DIY, and get ready to sprinkle it literally everywhere this V-day. We know we will!

What You’ll Need:

Tissue paper in several colors

2 different sized heart-shaped hole punches

Tip: We used tissue paper in pinks and silver to mimic the theme of ESCAPE, but this would also be adorable in patterned tissue paper!


  1. Layer or fold the tissue paper to create several layers, but make sure it is not too thick for a hole punch to get through. Tip: Folding the tissue paper means you can create tons of confetti in a short amount of time!

  2. Take your large hole punch, and punch hearts in a row along the edge of your paper until you’ve achieved the amount of confetti you want. Repeat with your small hole punch.

  3. Use anywhere and everywhere! We obviously love the idea of sprinkling your confetti in and around your wrapped gifts, but you can also use it to create a trail leading to a Valentine’s Day surprise, sprinkle it on a romantic dinner table, or create your own Valentine’s Day poppers to use with your loved one.

Voila! Couldn’t be easier right? Will you be DIY-ing your own confetti this Valentine’s Day?

If you ask us, it adds that much more of a personal touch to your gifts, and pairs especially well with these picks

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Xx Team GM

Photos: Jessi Burrone for