Design Direction: Décor Inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel

by Team GM

4 years ago

As much as we love the Los Angeles sun and sand, today we’re taking a step back in time to an iconic landmark—The Beverly Hills Hotel. Gray’s new work from this famed resort just hit the GM shop yesterday, and we are thrilled to finally be sharing it with you. We love resort life any day of the week, but something about The Beverly Hills Hotel has always pulled at our heart strings. Not to mention, that décor is to-die-for… But let’s get to the point. We’d happily live in this iconic hotel forever if we could, so we’re taking matters into our own hands. Keep scrolling to shop up-to-date décor for three different spaces inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel. And of course, don’t forget to pick up your favorite prints from the new series to pair with your Beverly Hills Hotel décor and bring your vision to life…

First and foremost, we have to talk about that banana leaf motif blanketing the hallways of this beautiful building… You know we can’t resist adding a touch of that theme throughout our own décor, and you’ll find plenty of that below. But on top of that, we’re taking a hint from The Beverly Hills Hotel décor and employing plenty of blush, brass, and retro-inspired accents…

For the Bedroom

So let’s start with the coziest room in the house first, shall we? Think contemporary palm prints, nostalgic brass, and a little bit of cane to keep things feeling natural…

  1. Deva Linen Platform Bed, Palm Blush, $1,245 | 2. Basil Flush Mount, $499 | 3. Round Green Marble Clock, $49.95 | 4. Ivory Shagreen Embossed Nightstand, $429 | 5. Gracia Cane and Wood Wardrobe, $1,599 | 6. Simone Blush Chair, $499 | 7. Elton Storage Ottoman, Banana Palm, $235

For the Dining Room

If there’s one room in the house where we love a good glam theme, it’s hands-down the dining room. We’re personally drawn to fabrics like luxe velvet in this space (blush or jewel tones will do), along with clean, classic light fixtures, and of course, a pop of that banana leaf wallpaper that we love…

  1. Annetta Linear Chandelier, $550 | 2. Pacifico Palm Wallpaper by Nathan Turner, $58 | 3. Pimlico Etagere, $1,599 | 4. Scallop Ivory Table, $899 | 5. Finley Low-Back Velvet Dining Chair, $299 | 6. Gleam Brass Footed Bowl, $29.95 | 7. Mod Credenza, $1,899

For the Living Room

The living room is one of those spaces that lends itself to plenty of creativity, and this stylish resort is the perfect source of inspiration. If you ask us, an organic-shaped sofa in Beverly Hills blush, metallic palm-inspired sconces, and a striped pattern underfoot is a pretty great start…

1. Curvo Pink Velvet Sofa, $1,999 | 2. Fern Sconce, Antique Brass, $408 | 3. Guida Pillow, Coral, $58 | 4. Quilted Brokhaw Pillow, Mustard, $62 | 5. Brynne Mirror, $326 | 6. Cuff Hammered Gold Coffee Table, $549 | 7. Vorana Bench, Banana Palm, $485 | 8. Novogratz Delmar Rug, $179-$999

Which of these designs are you most drawn to?

We hope you loved this décor as much as we do. P.S. Take a deeper dive into The Beverly Hills Hotel by reading Gray’s introduction of the series… then shop ‘til you drop!

And as always, we’re so glad you visited. We hope you had a lovely stay… ;)

Xx Team GM

Photos: Gray Malin