DIY Design: 5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Tablescape More Festive


3 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Happy Holidays! As we quickly approach Christmas festivities, I wanted to take a moment to share 5 ways that you can make your holiday tablescape just a little bit more festive and fun this season. Even if you’re just going to be celebrating with your immediate family, these tricks will help you make sure this year feels just as memorable as the rest. Without further ado, here are my tips!

Decorate with Greenery and Berries

The mistake people often make when it comes to setting the table for dinner parties is using large floral centerpieces. As beautiful as they are, they’re often too tall and block people’s view across the table making it difficult for conversation. Instead, I love laying greenery and berries down the table for the holidays. I got mine from Trader Joe’s and it smells fresh and looks beautiful.

Use Tall Candlesticks

Along the same lines as the floral arrangement, I love setting the mood with tall candlesticks. They’re beautiful and somewhat romantic, but they’re also easy to easy through.

Candy Canes in Napkin Rings

Everyone loves a candy cane moment during Christmas, so I always stick one in the napkin ring at each guest's seat. It’s a small touch and makes a nice impression.

Fun Glasses

Another way to set the tone for your dinner party is to include these fun glasses at each seat. They’re so fun and playful and as soon as your guests put them on everyone seems to let their guards down a little and just have a good time.

Holiday Crackers

Paper crackers are also a great touch that make the evening fun. For those of you who have never used one before, you pop them open and inside there’s usually a paper crown, some kind of candy, and a toy or game. It’s always a blast seeing what each person got in theirs!

The final touch to make sure it’s the perfect evening is a great holiday playlist. Luckily for all of you, my team put together a playlist full of holiday classics you’ll want to sing and dance too. You can listen to the playlist below.

Hope you all enjoyed these tips!